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National Hindu Students' Forum (UK)
NHSF (UK) logo.png
Abbreviation NHSF (UK)
Founded 1991
Purpose Protect, Preserve, Practice & Promote Hindu Dharma
Region served
Website NHSF (UK)

NHSF (UK) stands for the National Hindu Students' Forum (UK). NHSF (UK) is the national network of Hindu Societies operating on University and Further Education campuses around the United Kingdom. It was started in 1991 from a stall at a Hindu Marathon, but now operates in around 40 different institutions around the United Kingdom.

Until 1991, over 20 years ago, there was no representation for Hindu students at a campus level and so the first Hindu society, at London School of Economics, was set up to cater for these needs. Although in its early years there was large scale opposition to the creation of Hindu societies, with people arguing that the existing Asian or Indian societies sufficed, NHSF (UK) has now become a firmly established movement.


NHSF (UK) is run by a National Committee, which manages the day-to-day affairs of the organisation as well as set the guidelines by which the affiliated chapters run at campuses on a local level. The National Committee in turn reports to an Advisory Board who give advice on the running of the organisation.

NHSF (UK) runs various projects with the aim of enhancing Hindu students' understanding of Hindu Dharma and Indian culture. These include organising trips to India, running exhibitions and hosting devotional events. NHSF (UK) also encourages sewa (selfless service) amongst its members, by undertaking volunteering projects, fundraising for charities and simply giving up time to help others.


NHSF (UK) has several chapters across the country which are split into "Zones".

North Zone

Central Zone

South Zone

London Zone

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