National Historical Museum of Ukraine

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National Historical Museum of Ukraine
Національний музей історії України.JPG
Established 1944
Location 2 Volodymyr Street Kiev, Ukraine
Coordinates 50°27′30″N 30°30′58″E / 50.45833°N 30.51611°E / 50.45833; 30.51611
Director Tchaikovsky, Sergei Mikhailovich

Ukrainian Museum of National History was built in 1937-1939 by architect Joseph Karakis in Kiev.


Originally the building was made for the School of Music. Since 1944, it started to function as a National Historical Museum.

Museum represents different times from ancient till nowadays. The following are the exhibitions that are on display in the museum: ethnographic, archaeological, paintings and sculptures, numismatic collections, early printed books, etc.

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