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National Home
הבית הלאומי
Leader Eliezer Sandberg
Hemi Doron
Founded 5 February 2006
Dissolved March 2006
Split from Secular Faction
Merged into Likud
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre
Most MKs 2 (2006)
Fewest MKs 2 (2006)

National Home (Hebrew: הבית הלאומי‎‎, HaBayit HaLeumi) was a short-lived political faction in Israel during 2006.


National Home was formed on 5 February 2006 when two MKs, Hemi Doron and Eliezer Sandberg broke away from the Secular Faction (itself a recent breakaway from Shinui). The faction received 600,000 shekels in party funding (transferred from Hetz, the Secular Faction's new guise).[1]

The faction was dissolved shortly before the March 2006 elections when both Doron and Sandberg joined Likud.[2] However, neither of them were included on Likud's Knesset list and both lost their seats.


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