National Initiative Party

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National Initiative Party
Partidul Inițiativa Națională
President Lavinia Șandru
Founded December 2006
Headquarters Calea Victoriei 100, et.1, ap.16
Sector 1
Ideology Conservatism
European affiliation EUDemocrats
Colours Red
Seats in the Senate 0
Seats in the Chamber 0
Seats in the European Parliament 0

The National Initiative Party (Romanian: Partidul Inițiativa Națională) was a small Romanian political party. It emerged after three Democratic Party MCDs were expelled form the party a few days after the Justice and Truth Alliance narrowly won the 2004 legislative election. The three members are: Cosmin Gușă, Lavinia Șandru, and Aurelian Pavelescu. The party did not contest in any elections.

Currently, its founding members are political analyst (Cosmin Gușă), member of UNPR (Lavinia Șandru), and has a dispute over the PNȚCD leadership (Aurelian Pavelescu).