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The National Institute for Trial Advocacy (referred to as "NITA") is a not for profit organization that was initially formed in 1969 in an effort to provide lawyers with better trial skills training, and was spurred on by criticisms within the judicial system of the apparent lack of trial preparation occurring within law schools. This initial group of law professors and lawyers worked with the intention of addressing this problem and came to the conclusion that learning-by-doing trial training was the best approach. This group spent two more years improving their trial material and in 1972 NITA's inaugural National Session was held at the University of Colorado in Boulder. This program brings together participants from all across the country who are taught through a learning by doing approach how to better represent their clients in the courtroom. The national session has been held every year since 1972[1] and NITA has since expanded its scope, holding public service trial training sessions in a variety of specialties across the country as well as other skills courses including deposition and courtroom technology skills.


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