National Institute of Korean History

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National Institute of Korean History
Revised Romanization Guksa pyeonchan wiwonhoe
McCune–Reischauer Kuksa p'yonch'an wiwonhoe

The National Institute of Korean History (NIKH) is a South Korean national organization in charge of researching, collecting, compiling, promoting the study of historical materials on Korean history. It was established as Guksagwan (국사관 國史館) in March 1946, one year after the liberation of Korea and was changed to the current name in 1949.[1][2]

In January 2012, the Institute announced that they will translate the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty into English by the year 2033. With an initial budget of ₩500 million, they planned to start work in 2014 but estimated that a budget of ₩40 billion is needed to complete the project.[3]

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