National Institute of Oceanography (Pakistan)

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National Institute of Oceanography
قومی اداره سمندر جغرافیہ
Agency overview
Formed 1981
Jurisdiction Ministry of Science and Technology
Headquarters Karachi, Sindh Province.
Agency executive
Website Official site

The National Institute of Oceanography (Urdu: قومی اداره سمندر جغرافیہ‎, abbreviated as NIO), is an executive and federal department of the Government of Pakistan, and a major research institute of Ministry of Science and Technology. The NIO is a science and research executive organization located in Karachi, Sindh province of Pakistan. The NIO' research and studies are funded by the Federal Government of Pakistan while the facilities are provided by Sindh Government.


NIO was established in 1981 through a Government Resolution to conduct multidisciplinary research in oceanography in the coastal and offshore areas of Pakistan (EEZ 24,000 km²). The institute has 30 qualified marine scientists working on ocean biology/productivity, marine chemistry and environment, physical oceanography/coastal hydraulics, marine geology and geophysics.

Notable people[edit]

  • Hina Baig - Senior Research Scientist at the National Institute of Oceanography

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