National Iranian Television (US)

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National Iranian Television
TypeDigital Video Broadcasting
AvailabilityNorth America, Europe and Middle East
Launch date
late 90s
Official website

National Iranian Television (NITV) was an independent, 24-hour Persian language television station. Its offices and studios were in Woodland Hills, California. It had a European branch in London, UK. NITV is not affiliated with any political or government group.

It was among the first Persian TV channels based outside Iran and it had started in late 90s. Iranian Government consider them as illegal and against the regime.

It can be considered as variety channel that broadcast music videos, TV series and feature film along with live TV interview programs usually with Iranian professionals, celebrities or scientists who are usually based in United States or outside Iran. It is currently broadcast widely throughout Russia, Eastern Europe, and Northern Africa.

The channel started broadcasting in Iran by Hot Bird satellite. This satellite TV channel and many other foreign satellites were under microwave noise attack, launched by Iranian government to interrupt their programs from broadcasting to the public.

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