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The National Labour Front (NLF) was a political party in Guyana.


The NLF was established by Lionel Luckhoo in 1956 after a split in the United Democratic Party.[1][2][3] Luckhoo was persuaded to establish the party by wealthy anti-communist Indo-Guyanese, and it ran on an anti-independence platform, opposing the People's Progressive Party.[3]

In the 1957 general elections it was the only party to nominate a candidate in all 14 Legislative Council seats,[4] and had a large campaign budget.[3] The party received 11.5% of the vote, winning only a single seat in the North Western District constituency, taken by Stephen Campbell,[4] who became the first Amerindian member of the Guyanese parliament.[5]

The party did not run in the 1961 elections, but returned to contest the 1964 elections. However, it received only 177 votes and failed to win a seat.[6] The party did not contest any further elections.[7]


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