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In the 1994 season, the National Lacrosse League (then called the Major Indoor Lacrosse League) began naming a Player of the Week. The first recipient was Buffalo Bandits legend John Tavares.

In 2002, the league renamed the award to Overall Player of the Week, and added weekly awards for Offensive Player of the Week, Defensive Player of the Week, and Rookie of the Week. In 2007, another new award was added, Transition Player of the Week.

Current awards[edit]

Players listed in italics are retired. Number of awards is up to and including the 2008 NLL season.

Overall Player of the Week[edit]


Player Count
John Tavares 12
John Grant, Jr. 7
Gary Gait 6
Dan Dawson 4
Tracey Kelusky
Blaine Manning
Jim Veltman
Shawn Williams
Steve Dietrich 3
Mark Steenhuis
Jeff Zywicki

Offensive Player of the Week[edit]


Player Count
John Grant, Jr. 13
John Tavares 11
Shawn Williams 7
Dan Dawson 6
Colin Doyle 5
Blaine Manning
Pat Maddalena 4
Gary Gait 3
Paul Gait
Tracey Kelusky
Derek Malawsky
Jeff Ratcliffe
Jeff Zywicki

Defensive Player of the Week[edit]


Player Count
Dallas Eliuk 11
Pat O'Toole 10
Curtis Palidwor 9
Bob Watson
Steve Dietrich 8
Gee Nash 5
Nick Patterson
Rob Blasdell 4
Matt Roik
Pat Campbell 3
Matt Disher
Matt King
Dwight Maetche
Brandon Miller
Mike Miron

Rookie of the Week[edit]


Player Count
Sean Greenhalgh 5
Brodie Merrill
Blaine Manning 4
Craig Point
Ryan Benesch 3
Andrew Burkholder
Jordan Hall
Peter Morgan
Aaron Wilson

Transition Player of the Week[edit]


Player Count
Mark Steenhuis 9
Josh Sims 4
Steve Toll 2
Pat McCready
Brodie Merrill
Geoff Snider

Previous awards[edit]

Player of the Week[edit]


Player Count
John Tavares 8
Paul Gait 7
Gary Gait
Dallas Eliuk 5
Jake Bergey 4
Tom Carmean
Roy Colsey
Steve Dietrich
Tom Marechek
Pat O'Toole
Sal LoCascio 3

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