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The National Lacrosse League expansion draft is a meeting where the general managers of expansion National Lacrosse League teams begin to fill their teams with unprotected players from the rosters of existing NLL teams. Such a draft occurs whenever an expansion NLL franchise is awarded. Recent expansion drafts have occurred in 2008 and 2007 (Boston), 2006 (New York and Chicago), and 2005 (Edmonton and Portland).

2008 Draft results[edit]

July 24, 2008 .[1]

Team Player Former Team
Boston Mike Poulin Toronto
Boston Mitch Belisle New York
Boston Matt Lyons Rochester
Boston Kyle Laverty Buffalo
Boston John Gallant Colorado
Boston Jake Bergey Philadelphia
Boston Devan Wray Calgary
Boston Kyle Ross Minnesota
Boston Tom Johnson San Jose
Boston Matt Holman Chicago
Boston Michael Kilby Portland
Boston Cam Bergman Edmonton*

2007 Draft results[edit]

July 31, 2007[2]

Team Player Former Team
Boston Patrick Merrill Toronto
Boston Pat Campbell Edmonton
Boston Gewas Schindler New York
Boston Ryan Avery Calgary
Boston Jed Prossner Portland
Boston Jake Bergey Philadelphia
Boston Brenden Thenhaus Buffalo
Boston Darren Halls San Jose
Boston Scott Stewart Minnesota
Boston Jon Harasym Chicago
Boston Mike Grimes Arizona
Boston Brian Langtry Colorado
Boston Brian Croswell Rochester

2006 Draft results[edit]

July 12, 2006 [3]

Team Player Former Team
Chicago Brandon Miller San Jose
New York Pat Maddalena Arizona
Chicago Darryl Gibson Toronto
New York Curtis Palidwor Calgary
Chicago Callum Crawford Calgary
New York Aaron Bold Portland
Chicago Tom Montour Portland
New York Jon Sullivan Minnesota
Chicago Dan Stroup Colorado
New York Rich Brzeski Philadelphia
Chicago Chris Gill Colorado
New York Jarett Park San Jose
Chicago Bryan Kazarian Buffalo
New York Jeff Spano Philadelphia
Chicago Jon Harasym Buffalo
New York Mike McLellan Arizona
Chicago Carter Livingstone Rochester
New York Matt Taylor Toronto
Chicago Ryan O'Connor Rochester
New York Eric Pacey Minnesota
Chicago Kyle Dupont Edmonton
New York Tyler Heavenor Edmonton

2005 Draft results[edit]

June 15, 2005[4]

Team Player Former Team
Portland Mike Hominuck Buffalo
Edmonton Rob Blasdell San Jose
Portland Brock Boyle Minnesota
Edmonton Kevin Howard Calgary
Portland Luke Forget Toronto
Edmonton Sandy Chapman Toronto
Portland Ryan Sharp Calgary
Edmonton Pat Campbell Rochester
Portland Mat Giles Rochester
Edmonton Brad Dairon San Jose
Portland Brock Robertson Arizona
Edmonton Randy Daly Colorado
Portland Tom Montour Buffalo
Edmonton Scott Campbell Minnesota
Portland Nick Schroeder Philadelphia
Edmonton Cory Bomberry Arizona
Portland Del Halladay Colorado
Edmonton Jeff Spano Philadelphia

2004 Draft results[edit]

October 19, 2004. Picks were announced in alphabetical order by former team.[5]

Team Player Former Team
Minnesota Cam Bergman Anaheim
Minnesota Jason Clark Buffalo
Minnesota Matt King Calgary
Minnesota Curtis Smith Colorado
Minnesota Shawn Nadalen Philadelphia
Minnesota Jon Harasym Rochester
Minnesota Dan Teat San Jose
Minnesota Rusty Kruger Toronto
Minnesota Bruce Alexander Vancouver

2001 Draft results[edit]

June 15, 2001[6]

Team Player Former Team
Buffalo (from Calgary) Chris Langdale Toronto
New York (from New Jersey) Jamie Taylor Toronto
Vancouver Rich Catton Buffalo
Columbus Phil Wetherup Buffalo
New Jersey Darryl Gibson Albany
Vancouver Ryan O'Connor Toronto
Columbus Craig Gelsvik Toronto
Calgary Randy Mearns Rochester
Vancouver Ian Rubel Montreal
Columbus Andy Duden Buffalo
Calgary D'Arcy Berthiaume Albany
New Jersey Jamie Hanford Philadelphia
Columbus John Rosa Albany
Calgary Marc Landriault Rochester
New Jersey Dallas Squire Albany
Vancouver Lindsey Plunkett Rochester
Calgary Jamie Raffan Montreal
New Jersey Joe Finstad Ottawa
Vancouver Jessie Phillips Washington
Columbus Kyle Arbuckle Montreal
New Jersey Paul Talmo Buffalo
Vancouver Mike Battista New York
Columbus Gewas Schindler New York
Calgary Jeff Shirk Philadelphia
New Jersey (from Vancouver) Michael Busza Philadelphia
Montreal Joe Hiltz Washington
Calgary Dan Denihen New York
New Jersey Blake Miller New York
Montreal Shawn Zettel Ottawa
Calgary Kevin Howard Rochester
New Jersey Shane Wannamaker Montreal
Vancouver Kevin Kaiser Philadelphia
Philadelphia (from Calgary) Dan Martin Washington
New Jersey Travis Kilgour Washington
Vancouver Nick Hartofilis Ottawa
Montreal Jason Tasse Ottawa

1999 Draft results[edit]

August 26, 1999[7]

Team Player Former Team
Albany Rob Blasdell Toronto
Albany Josh Sanderson Rochester
Albany Troy Cordingley Buffalo
Albany Steve Sombrotto New York
Albany Todd Evans Philadelphia
Albany Dave Evans Pittsburgh
Albany Owen Benedict Syracuse


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