National League 3 North

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National League 3 North
England Rugby text logo.svg
Sport Rugby Union
Instituted 1987
Number of teams 14
Country  England
Holders Sale (2014–15
promoted to National League 2 North)

National League 3 North is one of the four level 5 leagues of English rugby. The 14 teams in this league are drawn from across northern England with the league champions being promoted to National League 2 North and the runner-up going into a play off with the second placed team from National League 3 Midlands. The league's bottom three teams are relegated to North 1 East and North 1 West.

Prior to the 2009 reorganisation, the league was known as North 1.

Participating Clubs 2015-16[edit]

Participating Clubs 2014-15[edit]

Participating Clubs 2013-14[edit]

Participating Clubs 2012–13[edit]

Inaugural clubs[edit]

First season as National 3 North in 2009–10.

National League 3 North Honours[edit]

List of National League 3 North Honours
Season No of teams Champions Runners–up Relegated Teams League Name
1998-99[1] 12 Doncaster Northern Bridlington, Broughton Park North Division 1
1999-00[2] 12 Tynedale Hull Ionians Widnes, Winnington Park North Division 1
2000-01[3] 12 Darlington Mowden Park Blaydon Northern, Stockton North Division 1
2001-02[4] 12 Halifax Hull Ionians Wigton, Middlesbrough, Bradford & Bingley North Division 1
2002-03[5] 12 Darlington Macclesfield Sandal, West Hartlepool North Division 1
2003-04[6] 12 Bradford & Bingley Cleckheaton Huddersfield, Aspatria, Driffield North Division 1
2004-05[7] 12 Preston Grasshoppers Hull Ionians Sheffield, Liverpool St Helens, Vale of Lune North Division 1
2005-06[8] 12 Morley West Park St Helens Whitchurch, Middlesbrough, Longton North Division 1
2006-07[9] 12 Caldy Beverley New Brighton, Chester, Stockport North Division 1
2007-08[10] 12 Kendal Huddersfield Penrith, Altrincham Kersal North Division 1
2008-09[11] 12 Westoe Hull No relegation due to league restructure[n 1] North Division 1
2009-10 14 Morley Stockport West Hartlepool, Cleckheaton, West Park St Helens National League 3 North
2010-11 14 Stockport Chester Rochdale, Billingham, Middlesbrough National League 3 North
2011-12 14 Darlington Mowden Park Rossendale Morley, Altrincham Kersal, Beverley National League 3 North
2012-13 14 Chester Harrogate West Hartlepool, Kendal, Birkenhead Park National League 3 North
2013-14 14 Huddersfield Stockport Penrith, Percy Park, Bradford & Bingley National League 3 North
2014-15 14 Sale Sandal[n 2] Beverley, Westoe, Morley National League 3 North
2015-16 14 National League 3 North
Green backgrounds are promotion places.
  1. ^ The division would be renamed National League 3 North for the next season and along with the whole national restructure of the league system by the RFU lead to mass changes at all levels.
  2. ^ Won playoff at home to Hinckley 20-10.[12]

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