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National Legislature of Sudan
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The National Legislature (Arabic: المجلس التشريعي السوداني‎, Al-Maǧlis al-Ttašriyʿiy) is the parliament of Sudan. Sudan is in a transitional period following the signing of a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) on 9 January 2005 that officially ended the civil war between the Sudanese Government (based in Khartoum) and the southern-based Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) rebel group. The newly formed National Legislature, whose members were chosen in mid-2005, has two chambers.

  • The National Assembly (المجلس الوطني السوداني, Al-Maǧlis al-Waṭaniy) consists of 450 appointed members who represent the government, former rebels, and other opposition political parties. The National Assembly is an appointed parliament and replaced the latest elected parliament.
  • The 'Council of States (المجلس الولايات السوداني, Al-Maǧlis al-Wilāyāt) has 50 members who are indirectly elected by state legislatures.

All members of the National Legislature serve six-year terms.

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