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The National Library of Jordan is the legal deposit and copyright library for Jordan[1]

It was founded in 1977 [2]


  • 1977: Establishing the Directorate of Libraries and National Documents.
  • 1990: The Directorate of Libraries and National Documents was replaced by two new entities:

- Department of the National Library. - Documentation Center

  • 1994: Both the department of the National Library and Documentation Center were merged to be a separate departmant connected to the Minister of Culture under the name the Department of the National Library.

Department of the National Library tasks[4][edit]

  • National intellectual product preservation.
  • Collecting intellectual product mainly related to the National Jordanian Heritage. Other intellectual product area of interest: Arab World, Arabic & Islamic civilization, and Human Heritage in general.
  • Preserving documents from different public institutions, documents relevant to Jordan in addition to private documents.
  • Providing depository services.
  • Issuing the Jordanian National Bibliography.
  • Publishing and facilitating material related to libraries' work.
  • Coordinating the work of public libraries.
  • Allowing access to researchers.
  • Mutual lending with other national, regional & international libraries.
  • Organizing different cultural events.
  • Exchanging & gifting materials.
  • Cooperation with international entities in relation to library services.

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