National Museum of Military History, Bulgaria

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Coordinates: 42°41′18.23″N 23°21′2.56″E / 42.6883972°N 23.3507111°E / 42.6883972; 23.3507111

Different types of missiles on display
Aero L-29 on display

The National Military History Museum (Национален военноисторически музей, Natsionalen voennoistoricheski muzey) is a museum dedicated to military history in Sofia, Bulgaria. A structure of the Ministry of Defence, it has existed under various names and subordinate to various institutions since 1 August 1914 (in practice since 4 July 1916). It consists of 5,000 m² of indoor and 40,000 m² outdoor (of which 500 m² covered) exhibition area, changing exhibits [1], a library and a computer centre.


The NMMH was established in 1916, two years after a military-historical commission, consisting of an archive, exhibition and library, was founded. By that time it was one of only three Bulgarian museums in existence. Its first complete exhibition was only unveiled in 1937. Its current structure and name date from 1968.[2]

Outdoor exhibition[edit]

An incomplete list of equipment on display.



Military vehicles[edit]





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