The National Museum (Sultanate of Oman)

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The National Museum - Sultanate of Oman
المتحف الوطني - سلطنة عمان
National Museum is located in Oman
National Museum
National Museum
Location in Oman
Established 20 November 2013
Location as-Saidiya Street, opposite Qasr al-Alam Palace, Muscat  Oman
Coordinates 23°36′42″N 58°35′38″E / 23.6115826°N 58.5937595°E / 23.6115826; 58.5937595
Type National Museum
Collection size 7,000
Director Jamal Al Moosawi
Public transit access Bus no.4

The National Museum of Oman is the Sultanate of Oman's flagship cultural institution dedicated to Oman’s cultural heritage, showcasing history from the earliest human settlement in Oman Peninsula some two million years ago to the present day, as well as offering glimpses into our future.

Established as an independent legal entity, the National Museum is a national institution with global outreach. Its purpose is to increase knowledge of, and appreciation for, the cultural heritage of Oman, providing opportunities for cultural expression, innovation and the transfer of traditional skills and knowledge from one generation to the next. Its aim is to ensure that Oman's heritage is understood and appreciated within the Sultanate and valued and recognised internationally.

The museum is located in a magnificent new purpose-built building, located in Muscat, showcasing some 7,000 objects and 43 digital immersive experiences distributed across 14 permanent gallery spaces. The museum houses a number of firsts in Oman, including a fully-equipped learning centre, state-of-the-art, preventive conservation facilities, UHD cinema and discovery areas for children. Besides being the first user-friendly public building for special categories, it is also the first museum in the Middle East to adopt Arabic Braille script for the visually impaired, and houses the first open-plan storage concept in the region.

Building and Facilities
Total plot area 24000 m2
Total building area 13700 m2
Total gallery area 4000 m2
Number of galleries 14
Permanent Galleries The Land and the People

Maritime History

Arms and Armour

Civilisation in the Making




Prehistory and Ancient History: Bat, al-Khutm and al-Ayn

Prehistory and Ancient History: Land of Frankincense

Prehistory and Ancient History

Splendours of Islam

Oman and the World

The Renaissance

Intangible Heritage

Other facilities Learning Centre

Conservation Facilities

Temporary Exhibitions Gallery

Collections Gallery (Open Storage Concept)


Gift Shop