National Museum of Taiwan Literature

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National Museum of Taiwan Literature
Museum Front
Established October 17, 2003
Location West Central, Tainan, Taiwan
Type Public art museum
Visitors 150,000 (2007)
Director Weng Chih-tsung[1]
Curator Lee Ruiteng (李瑞騰)
Website (in English)
Exhibits inside the museum
The museum was a government building of the former Tainan Prefecture during Japanese rule.

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL; Chinese: 國立臺灣文學館; pinyin: Guólì Táiwān Wénxuéguǎn) is a museum located in Tainan, Taiwan. The museum researches, catalogs, preserves, and exhibits literary artifacts. As part of its multilingual, multi-ethnic focus, it holds a large collection of local works in Taiwanese, Japanese, Mandarin and Classical Chinese.

It was planned as a national-level organization to fill in a long-perceived gap in how the Republic of China's institutions had handled Taiwanese literature as a field of academic inquiry and popular discourse. The Council for Cultural Affairs under the Executive Yuan set up the initial planning office.

Tainan was chosen for its historical significance as a cultural center.


The museum is housed in the Tainan Prefecture government building (zh), itself a national historical monument. The building was constructed in 1916 during the Japanese rule of Taiwan.[2] The museum was opened in 2003.


The museum is accessible within walking distance South West from Tainan Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration.

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