Hutsulshchyna National Park

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Hutsulshchyna (Гуцульщина)
National nature park
Осінь в Устеріках.JPG
Name origin: Named after the region, where NNP is located
Country  Ukraine
Regions southern portion of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Pokuttya
District Kosiv Raion
City Kosiv
Lake Banske Lake
River Rybnytsa River
Area 32,217,000.16 km2 (12,439,053 sq mi)
Founded May 14, 2002
Management Ministry of Natural Environment Protection of Ukraine
 - location Kiev
IUCN category II - National Park
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Hutsulshchyna (Ukrainian: Гуцульщина, literally, "Hutsul Land") is a national park in Ukraine. It is located in the Western Ukraine's Carpathian Mountains. Hutsulshchyna National Park was created on May 14, 2002 and it covers an area of 32,248 hectares.

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Coordinates: 48°19′15″N 25°5′33″E / 48.32083°N 25.09250°E / 48.32083; 25.09250