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National nature reserves in Scotland are established by Scottish Natural Heritage.[1]

In 2004 there were 73 national nature reserves in Scotland, as per the list below. However, following a review of NNR policy that took account of the availability of other designations conferring legal protection, such as site of special scientific interest, special protection area and special area of conservation, Scottish Natural Heritage together with other reserve management organisations (sometimes referred to as 'approved bodies') started re-shaping the Scotland's National Nature Reserve series. This process continues today (2013).

From late 2012, governance of the NNR designation in Scotland is through a partnership group, comprising representatives of existing reserve management organisations and community land groups, chaired by Scottish Natural Heritage. Scottish Natural Heritage is still responsible for the formal/legal declaration of national nature reserves.

List of national nature reserves in Scotland[edit]

Northern Isles[edit]

Western Isles[edit]

Highlands and Skye[edit]

Grampian Highlands[edit]

Tayside and Fife[edit]

West Highlands[edit]

Central Belt[edit]

South of Scotland[edit]

Former NNRs, de-declared since 2004[edit]

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