National Olympic Committee of Ukraine

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National Olympic Committee of Ukraine
National Olympic Committee of Ukraine logo
National Olympic Committee of Ukraine logo
Country/Region  Ukraine
Code UKR
Created 1990 (1918, unconfirmed)
Recognized 1993
Headquarters Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine
President Serhiy Bubka
Secretary General Volodymyr Herashchenko

The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Нацiональний олiмпiйський комiтет України) is a non-profit all-Ukrainian public organization responsible for development, reinforcement, and protection of the Olympic movement. The committee has an exclusive right to represent Ukraine in the Olympic Games and other competitions of the International Olympic Committee.


The idea of creation of its own National Olympic Committee has finally surfaced in 1988 when the All-Ukrainian sports newspaper "Sportyvna Hazeta" started to publish letters of citizens about the necessity of creation in the republic the Ukrainian Olympic Committee.[1] In 1989 the newspaper published a draft of the Olympic Committee of Ukraine statute.[1] The editorial collegium of "Sportyvna Hazeta" vested to expend the subject to former Soviet athlete Lyudmyla Radchenko.[1] The newspaper was the first to inform about the first statute that was drafted by an independent initiative group of V. Sikach, V. Kudko, and V. Shutyi.[2]

On March 12, 1990 in Lviv was created a preparation committee in creation of the Ukrainian Sports Association.[2] In May 1990 in Lviv was established the Ukrainian Sports Association headed by the People's Deputy of Ukraine Yaroslav Kendzyor.[2] During that time there was established the Ukrainian Olympic Commission of Movement headed by Valeriy Shutyi.[2] With all that effort the scheduled on June 1990, a conference of founders never took place.[2] On October 13, 1990 "Sportyvna Hazeta" however published a petition of Valeriy Shutyi where it stated: "Ukrainian National Olympic Committee that was created in 1918 resumes its work."[2] According to Shutyi, Ukraine was represented independently at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, but after its annexation in 1921 was excluded from the International Olympic movement.[3]

Only on December 22, 1990 the 1st General Assembly of Founders adopted the decision on creation of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.[4] In September 1993 the committee was finally recognized by the International Olympic Committee.[4]

As reported by Olympic news source Around the Rings, Elbrus Tedeyev, deputy chairman of Ukraine's parliamentary sports committee, believes that Lviv could stage a bid for the 2022 Olympics.


Committee Composition[edit]

  • Two representatives from each (40) National Sport Federation (Olympic sports)
  • 15 athletes, participants of the Olympic Games
  • a representative of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine
  • a representative from each (27) region of Ukraine
  • a representative from each (4) fitness-sports club and an administrations of fitness and sports for both Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defense
  • other representatives of the Olympic movement

At least 129 members

Subjects of Olympic movement[edit]

Fitness-sports associations[edit]

In Ukraine there are following sports associations:[5]

Public organizations[edit]

  • FSA of Ukraine "Dynamo"
  • FSA of Ukrainian Agro-Industrial Complex "Kolos"
  • SA of Ukrainian Trade-Unions "Spartak" website
  • FSA "Ukraina"

Government institutions[edit]

Regional clubs[edit]

  • SC "ISD" (Industrial Union of Donets Basin) website
  • Sports Club "OLKOM" (Melitopol)
  • Road FSC of Ukraine "Lokomotyv" website of Lviv Railway
  • FSC for Handicapped "Olimp"[6]

Former sports societies[edit]

National Sports Federations[edit]

There are over 40 national federations for Olympic sports.


Central sports venues[edit]

Under administration of Ukryevroinfraproekt (Ministry of Infrastructure)

National Olympic Centers[edit]

List of Olympic centers and administrations

Publicly administered[edit]

  • Sports training base "Cheremosh", Verkhovyna (National Olympic Committee)
  • National Center of Paralimpic and Deflimpic preparation, Yevpatoriya (National committee for handicapped sports)
  • Western Rehabilitation Sports Center, Verkhnie (Turka Raion) (National committee for handicapped sports)
  • School of the highest sports mastery, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (regional municipality)
  • Kiev regional school of the highest sports mastery #2, Brovary (regional municipality)
  • Sports recreational base of regional school of the highest sports mastery, Berezyna (Zhytomyr Raion) (regional municipality)
  • Odessa regional school of the highest sports mastery "Olimpiyets", (regional municipality)
  • School of the highest sports mastery, Kherson (regional municipality)
  • Regional sports complex "Olimpiysky", Donetsk (regional municipality)
  • Sports complex of the Bubka Highest College of Olympic Reserve, Donetsk (regional municipality)
  • Regional center of athletes Olympic preparation "Olimpsport", Luhansk (regional municipality)
  • Luhansk regional fitness center "Olimp", Kreminna (regional municipality)
  • Complex youth sports school "KhTZ", Kharkiv (regional municipality)
  • Regional sports complex "Metalist", Kharkiv (regional municipality)
  • 200th Anniversary of Sevastopol City Sports Recreational Complex, Sevastopol (city municipality)
  • City youth sports school, Vinnytsia (city municipality)
  • Water sports complex, Dnipropetrovsk (city municipality)
  • Palace of physical culture "Shakhtar", Donetsk (city municipality)
  • Metalurh Stadium, Artemivsk (city municipality)
  • Light-athletic manage "Donetsk" (city municipality)
  • Sports complex "Kirovets", Donetsk (city municipality)
  • Youth sports school, Torez (city municipality)
  • Yunist, Zaporizhia (city municipality)
  • Fitness recreational institution "Swimming pool Kupava", Brovary (city municipality)
  • City specialized youth sports school of Olympic reserve, Kharkiv (city municipality)
  • Kharkiv palace of sports (city municipality)
  • Sports complex "Budivelnyk", Cherkasy (city municipality)

Privately administered[edit]

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Further reading[edit]

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  • Bytyak, Yu. Administrative Law of Ukraine. "Urinkom Inter". Kiev 2007


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