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National Open University
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Established1 August 1986
National Open University
Traditional Chinese國立空中大學

National Open University (NOU; Chinese: 國立空中大學) is an open university in Luzhou District, New Taipei, Taiwan.


National Open University was established on 1 August 1986. The opening ceremony and first year courses started in November 1986. Although the university originally had entrance examinations, they were later abolished in 1997. Classes were originally conducted over a dedicated radio station, and television channel and internet classroom were later added. Today, the university is a full-service, distance learning university fully accredited by the Taiwanese government, and has an annual enrollment of 35,000 students.


National Open University is headed by a president. The University contain six academic departments.

  • Department of Business
  • Department of Liberal Arts
  • Department of Living Sciences
  • Department of Management and Information
  • Department of Public Administration
  • Department of Social Sciences



NOU is accessible within walking distance South East from Luzhou Station of Taipei Metro.

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