National Order Party

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National Order Party
Millî Nizam Partisi
Founder Necmettin Erbakan
Founded 1970
Dissolved 1971
Succeeded by National Salvation Party
Headquarters Ankara
Ideology Islamism
Millî Görüş
Religion Sunni Islam

National Order Party (Millî Nizam Partisi, MNP) was an Islamist political party in Turkey, which adopted the National View (Millî Görüş) ideology. It was founded on 26 January 1970 by Necmettin Erbakan. It was closed down on 20 May 1971 by the authorities on the grounds, that it violated the Constitution, specifically the articles dealing with secularism.[1]

It was succeeded by the National Salvation Party (MSP) established in October 1972.


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