National Paper Airplane Day

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National Paper Airplane Day
A paper airplane held up at a rally in Kaliningrad
ObservancesCreating and flying paper airplanes; flight time and distance contests
DateMay 26
Next time26 May 2023 (2023-05-26)

National Paper Airplane Day is an unofficial observance, celebrated on May 26 each year in the United States to commemorate the simple aeronautical toy.[1]

Paper airplane day celebrations typically include social gatherings at which participants create and fly paper airplanes. These events often feature contests in two basic flight categories: "distance" and "time in air". As of 2012, Takuo Toda holds the world record for the longest time in air (27.9 seconds).[2] The distance record (226 feet, 10 inches or 69.14 meters) was set by Joe Ayoob, with a plane constructed by John Collins, in February 2012.[3]


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