National Party (Czech Republic)

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National Party
Národní Strana
Last leader Petra Edelmannová
Founded 2002
Dissolved 2011
Headquarters Senovážné nám. 23, Prague
Ideology Nationalism,
National conservatism,
Political position Far-right
European affiliation none
European Parliament group none
Colours Blue, Red, White

The National Party (Czech: Národní strana) was a far-right nationalist political party in the Czech Republic. Petra Edelmannová was the last leader of the party.

Ideology and program[edit]

They were strongly opposed to Czech membership of the European Union.[1] Their main objectives were to restore a full national sovereignty by minimising influence of foreign institutions and to toughen the national immigration policies.

The Party proposed the so-called "A final solution to the Gypsy issue" to relocate the Roma population of the Czech Republic to India, based on perceived ethnic origins.[2][3]

On 28 October 2007 the Czech National Party established a paramilitary National Guard.[4]


Decline in party membership started showing in 2009. Resignation[5] of the party's leader Petra Edelmannová on 1 December 2009 caused a disintegration of party's leadership and speeded up the process of downfall.
The party was dissolved[6] by the Supreme Administrative Court on 17 August 2011.


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