National Party (Papua New Guinea)

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National Party
Leader Kerenga Kua [1]
President David Yak [1]
General Secretary Dick Wama [1]
National Parliament
1 / 111

The Papua New Guinea National Party is a political party in Papua New Guinea.

It was formed on 14 November 1969 by Thomas Kavali.[2] Paul Pora and later Iambakey Okuk were also prominent members.

At the 2002 election, the party is said to have won 3 of 109 seats. The party won 1 out of 109 seats in the 2007 General Elections[3] It was led into the 2012 election by Simon Sanangke from outside parliament; however, the party won no seats.[4]

It is currently led by MP Kerenga Kua, who assumed the leadership in 2016 after his resignation from the National Alliance Party.[5][6]


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