National Pasta Association

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National Pasta Association
Formation1904; 114 years ago (1904)[1][2]
HeadquartersNational Press Building
Suite 750
Washington, D.C., United States

The National Pasta Association (NPA) is a trade association of professionals in the United States pasta industry.[3] The NPA originally formed as The National Association of Macaroni and Noodle Manufacturers of America in 1904, making it one of the oldest trade associations in the United States.


The first commercial pasta plant in the United States was founded in 1848 in Brooklyn, New York. By the turn of the century, the pasta industry had reached a growth point that triggered a large group of industry members to assemble in Pittsburgh for a discussion of manufacturing and marketing issues. The result of this meeting was the establishment of the National Macaroni Manufacturers Association. In 1981, the name was changed to the National Pasta Association.[4]

Mission statement[edit]

  • Increase the consumption of pasta
  • Promote the development of sound public policy
  • Act as a center of knowledge for the industry and the consumer[5]


  • Technical Affairs
  • Government Affairs
  • History


  • 1904–1905 Thomas H. Toomey
  • 1919–1921 James T. William
  • 1922–1928 Henry Mueller
  • 1928–1930 Frank J. Tharinger
  • 1930–1932 Frank L. Zerega
  • 1932–1933 Alfonso Gioia
  • 1941–194? C. W. Wolfe
  • 1950–1952 C. Frederick Mueller
  • 1952–1959[6] Thomas A. Cuneo
  • 1983–1992[7] Joseph M. Lichtenberg
  • 1992–2000[8] Jula J. Kinnaird


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