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Peace Jubilee, Boston, 1869
Peace Jubilee, Boston, 1869

The National Peace Jubilee was a celebration that commemorated the end of the American Civil War, organized by Patrick Gilmore in Boston from June 15-19, 1869. It featured an orchestra and a chorus, as well as numerous soloists. More than 11,000 performers participated, including the famous violinist Ole Bull as the orchestra's concertmaster,[1] and Carl Zerrahn as director of the choral forces.[2] The Jubilee became the "high-water mark in the influence of the band in American life".[3] Along with the World's Peace Jubilee and International Musical Festival in 1872, it made Gilmore a famous composer and bandmaster. For the Jubilee, a newly commissioned "Hymn of Peace" was written by Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, set to the music from "American Hymn" by Matthias Keller (1813-1875) and performed on the opening day.[4]

Participants included:

  • 100 choral groups with a total of 10,926 singers[1]
  • 525 musicians with the orchestra[1]
  • 486 musicians with the wind band[1]

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