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This article is about South Korea's NPS. For other nations, see pension system. For other uses, see National pension.
National Pension Service
Government-linked company
Pension fund
(Sovereign wealth fund)
Industry Investment management
Founded 1988
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Choi Kwang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

The National Pension Service of Korea (NPS; Hangul국민연금) is a public pension fund in South Korea. It is the fourth largest in the world[1] with $300 billion in assets, and is the largest investor in South Korea.[2]


The strategy of NPS in 2010 was double its overseas investments to 20 percent by 2015. It forecasts increasing assets to $436 billion by 2015.[2]

Recent transactions includes the purchase of a 23.44% stake in Colonial Pipeline Company in partnership with KKR.[3]


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