National People's Concern Party

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National People's Concern Party
Partai Peduli Rakyat Nasional
Chairman Amelia Achmad Yani
Secretary-General Albert Simanjuntak
Founded 20 January 2006
Headquarters Jakarta
Ideology Pancasila
National liberalism
Ballot number 04
Presidential candidate Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
DPR Seats 0

The National People's Concern Party (Indonesian: Partai Peduli Rakyat Nasional) is a political party in Indonesia, headed by Amelia Achmad Yani, daughter of General Ahmad Yani.[1][2] It contested the 2009 elections, but won only 1.2 percent of the vote, less than the 2.5 percent electoral threshold, so gained no seats in the People's Representative Council.[3][4][5]

Regional strength[edit]

In the legislative election held on 9 April 2009, support for the PPRN was higher than the party's national average in the following provinces:

Aceh 1.3%

North Sumatra 2.3%

Bengkulu 2.6%

Riau 2.2%

Riau Islands 4.3%

Jambi 1.5%

South Sumatra 1.3%

South Kalimantan 1.5%

West Nusa Tenggara 2.0%

East Nusa Tenggara 1.9%

West Sulawesi 1.4%

Central Sulawesi 2.6%

South East Sulawesi 3.2%

Gorontalo 1.3%

North Maluku 1.3%

West Papua 1.8%


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