National Pingtung University of Education

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Coordinates: 22°40′11″N 120°29′55″E / 22.6698°N 120.4986°E / 22.6698; 120.4986

National Pingtung University of Education
Main entrance to the National Pingtung University of Education.jpg
Established 1 August 2005 (as NPUE)
1 August 2014 (as National Pingtung University)
Location Pingtung City, Pingtung County,  Republic of China

National Pingtung University of Education (NPUE; Chinese: 國立屏東教育大學; pinyin: Guólì Píngdōng Jiàoyù Dàxué) was an institution of higher learning in Pingtung City, Pingtung County, Taiwan.


There are 14 departments in this university, including Elementary Education, Educational Psychology and Counseling, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Mathematics Education, Physical Education, Natural Science Education, Physics and Geoscience, Computer Science, Language and Literature Education, Social Studies Education, Music Education, Visual Arts Education, English Education, Taiwan Cultural Industries Management.


The National Pingtung University of Education is located in southern Taiwan at No. 4-18 Ming Shen Road, Pingtung, Taiwan (Republic of China). A major building project is underway with a new theater hall and meeting rooms planned.


The university is accessible within walking distance East from Pingtung Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration.

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