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The National Poetry Series is an American literary awards program.

Every year since 1979, the National Poetry Series has sponsored the publication of five books of poetry. Manuscripts are solicited through an annual open competition, judged and chosen by poets of national stature, and issued by various publishers. Past judges of this prestigious series include Louise Glück (12th Poet Laureate of the United States), Tracy K. Smith (22nd Poet Laureate of the United States), Ada Limón (24th Poet Laureate of the United States), and Richard Blanco (United States inaugural poet).

The National Poetry Series has also created the Paz Prize for Poetry, named in honor of Nobel Prize-winning poet, Octavio Paz; this award recognizes a previously unpublished poetry book written in Spanish by a distinguished poet residing in the U.S. This award is highly recognized as one of the most important prizes in Spanish languages in the United States. Past winners of this prize include Dinapiera Di Donato by Colaterales/Collateral in 2012 and Cuban-American Carlos Pintado for his Nueve monedas/Nine coins in 2014.


Each year links to its corresponding "[year] in poetry" article:

Year Book Author Judge
2023 Field Guide for Accidents Albert Abonado Mahogany L. Browne
2023 Post-Volcanic Folk Tales Mackenzie Schubert Poloyni Donnelly Ishion Hutchinson
2023 The Sky Was Once A Dark Blanket Kinsale Drake Jacqueline Trimble
2023 Playing With The Jew Ava Winter Sean Hill
2023 the space between men Mia S. Willis Morgan Parker[1]
2022 Sweet Movie Alisha Dietzman Victoria Chang
2022 Tender Headed Olatunde Osinaike Camille Rankine
2022 Survival Strategies Tennison S. Black Adrienne Su
2022 I Love Information Courtney Bush Brian Teare
2022 Organs of Little Importance Adrienne Chung Solmaz Sharif
2021 Symmetry of Fish Su Cho Paige Lewis
2021 Ask the Brindled No'u Revilla Rick Barot
2021 Extinction Theory Kien Lam Kyle Dargan
2021 Harbinger Shelley Puhak Nicole Sealey
2021 Relinquenda Alexandra Lytton Regalado Reginald Betts
2020 Dear Specimen W.J. Herbert Kwame Dawes
2020 [WHITE] Trevor Ketner Forrest Gander
2020 Borderline Fortune Teresa K. Miller Carol Muske-Dukes
2020 Requeening Amanda P. Moore Ocean Vuong
2020 Philomath Devon Walker-Figueroa Sally Keith
2019 Little Big Bully Heid Erdrich Amy Gerstler
2019 Field Music Alexandria Hall Rosanna Warren
2019 Fractal Shores Diane Louie Sherod Santos
2019 Thrown in the Throat Benjamin Garcia Kazim Ali
2019 An Incomplete List of Names Michael Torres Raquel Salas Rivera
2018 Fear of Description Daniel Poppick Brenda Shaughnessy
2018 Valuing Christopher Kondrich Jericho Brown
2018 Eyes Bottle Dark with a Mouthful of Flowers Jake Skeets Kathy Fagan
2018 It's Not Magic Jon Sands Richard Blanco
2018 Nervous System Rosalie Moffett Monica Youn
2017 The Lumberjack's Dove GennaRose Nethercott Louise Glück
2017 Anarcha Speaks Dominique Christina Tyehimba Jess
2017 feeld Jos Charles Fady Joudah
2017 What It Doesn't Have to Do With Lindsay Bernal Paul Guest
2017 Museum of the Americas J. Michael Martinez Cornelius Eady
2016 I Know Your Kind: Poems William Brewer Ada Limón
2016 Thaw Chelsea Dingman Allison Joseph
2016 For Want of Water: And Other Poems Sasha Pimentel Gregory Pardlo
2016 Madness Sam Sax Terrance Hayes
2016 Civil Twilight Jeffrey Schultz David St. John
2015 The Sobbing School Joshua Bennett Eugene Gloria
2015 Trébuchet Danniel Schoonebeek Kevin Prufer
2015 Scriptorium Melissa Range Tracy K. Smith
2015 The Wug Test Jennifer Kronovet Eliza Griswold
2015 Not on the Last Day, But on the Very Last Justin Boening Wayne Miller
2014 Monograph Simeon Berry of Somerville, Massachusetts Denise Duhamel
2014 The Regret Histories Joshua Poteat of Richmond, Virginia Campbell McGrath
2014 Let's Let That Are Not Yet: Inferno Ed Pavlić of Athens, Georgia John Keene
2014 Double Jinx Nancy Reddy of Madison, Wisconsin Alex Lemon
2014 Viability Sarah Vap of Venice, California Mary Jo Bang
2013 Ampersand Revisited Simeon Berry of Somerville, Massachusetts Ariana Reines
2013 Trespass Thomas Dooley of New York, New York Charlie Smith
2013 Bone Map Sara Eliza Johnson of Salt Lake City, Utah Martha Collins
2013 Its Day Being Gone Rose McLarney of Tulsa, Oklahoma Robert Wrigley
2013 What Ridiculous Things We Could Ask of Each Other Jeffrey Schultz of Los Angeles, California Kevin Young
2012 Visiting Hours at the Color Line Ed Pavlić of Athens, Georgia Dan Beachy-Quick
2012 The Cloud that Contained the Lightning Cynthia Lowen of Brooklyn, New York Nikky Finney
2012 The Narrow Circle Nathan Hoks of Chicago, Illinois Dean Young
2012 the meatgirl whatever Kristin Hatch of San Francisco, California K. Silem Mohammad
2012 Failure & I Bury the Body Sasha West of Austin, Texas D. Nurkse
2011 The Apothecary's Heir Julianne Buchsbaum of Lawrence, Kansas Lucie Brock-Broido
2011 Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast Hannah Gamble of Chicago, Illinois Bernadette Mayer
2011 Green Is for World Juliana Leslie of Santa Cruz, California Ange Mlinko
2011 Exit, Civilian Idra Novey of Brooklyn, New York Patricia Smith
2011 Maybe the Saddest Thing Marcus Wicker of Ann Arbor, Michigan D.A. Powell
2010 The Lifting Dress Lauren Berry of Houston, Texas Terrance Hayes
2010 Stutter William Billiter of Clinton, New York Hilda Raz
2010 Exhibit of Forking Paths James Grinwis of Florence, Massachusetts Eleni Sikelianos
2010 The Lamp with Wings: 60 Love Sonnets M.A. Vizsolyi of New York, New York Ilya Kaminsky
2010 A Map Predetermined and Chance Laura Wetherington of Roanoke, Virginia C.S. Giscombe
2009 Sarah-Of Fragments and Lines Julie Carr of Denver, Colorado Eileen Myles
2009 Here Be Monsters Colin Cheney of Brooklyn, New York David Wojahn
2009 Burn Lake Carrie Fountain of Austin, Texas Natasha Trethewey
2009 Ideal Cities Erika Meitner of Blacksburg, Virginia Paul Guest
2009 The Network Jena Osman of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Prageeta Sharma
2008 If Birds Gather Your Hair for Nesting Anna Journey of Houston, Texas Thomas Lux
2008 The Black Automaton Douglas Kearney of Van Nuys, California Catherine Wagner
2008 Mixology Adrian Matejka of Edwardsville, Illinois Kevin Young
2008 Bird Eating Bird Kristin Naca of Minneapolis, Minnesota Yusef Komunyakaa
2008 catch light Sarah O'Brien of Brookfield, Ohio David Shapiro
2007 Installations Joe Bonomo Naomi Shihab Nye
2007 Spring Oni Buchanan Mark Doty
2007 House Held Together by Winds Sabra Loomis James Tate
2007 The Cosmopolitan Donna Stonecipher John Yau
2007 Collapsible Poetics Theater Rodrigo Toscano Marjorie Welish
2006 The Scented Fox Laynie Browne of Oakland, California Alice Notley
2006 Novel Pictorial Noise Noah Eli Gordon of Denver, Colorado John Ashbery
2006 Veil and Burn Laurie Clements Lambeth of Houston, Texas Maxine Kumin
2006 Vertigo Martha Ronk of Los Angeles, California C.D. Wright
2006 Nervous Systems William Stobb of La Crosse, Wisconsin August Kleinzahler
2005 The Resurrection Machine Steve Gehrke T.R. Hummer
2005 The Anatomy Theater Nadine Meyer John Koethe
2005 Teahouse of the Almighty Patricia Smith Edward Sanders
2005 Three, Breathing S.A. Stepanek Mary Ruefle
2005 An Almost Pure Empty Walking Tryfon Tolides Mary Karr
2004 The Welcome David Friedman Stephen Dunn
2004 leadbelly Tyehimba Jess Brigit Pegeen Kelly
2004 PYX Corinne Lee Pattiann Rogers
2004 Starred Wire Ange Mlinko Bob Holman
2004 Corruption Camille Norton Campbell McGrath
2003 Shiva's Drum Stephen Cramer Grace Schulman
2003 Citizen Andrew Feld Ellen Bryant Voigt
2003 Murder (a violet) Raymond McDaniel Anselm Hollo
2003 The White Train John Spaulding Henry Taylor
2003 Unrelated Individuals Forming a Group Waiting to Cross Mark Yakich James Galvin
2002 Rhythm & Booze: Poems Julie Kane Maxine Kumin
2002 Sanskrit of the Body W. B. Keckler Mary Oliver
2002 The Monster Lives of Boys and Girls Eleni Sikelianos Diane Ward
2002 The Standing Wave: Poems Gabriel Spera Dave Smith
2002 Tenderness Shore Meredith Stricker Fred Chappell
2001 Year of Morphines: Poems Betsy Brown George Garrett
2001 Theory of Devolution: Poems David Groff Mark Doty
2001 Hip Logic Terrance Hayes Cornelius Eady
2001 Edgewater: Poems Ruth L. Schwartz Jane Hirshfield
2001 Pure Descent Elizabeth Robinson Fanny Howe
2000 Anthem Jean Donnelly Charles Bernstein
2000 That Kind of Sleep Susan Atefat Peckham Victor Hernández Cruz
2000 Tremolo: Poems Spencer Short Billy Collins
2000 Manderley: Poems Rebecca Wolff Robert Pinsky
2000 Asunder Susan Wood Garrett Hongo
1999 Madame Deluxe Tenaya Darlington Lawson Fusao Inada
1999 Nova Standard Schaefer Nick Piombino
1999 Climbing Back Dionisio D. Martinez Jorie Graham
1999 Drivers at the Short-Time Motel Eugene Gloria Yusef Komunyakaa
1999 Renunciation : Poems Corey Marks Philip Levine
1998 Butterfly Effect Harry Humes Pattiann Rogers
1998 Atmosphere Conditions Ed Roberson Nathaniel Mackey
1998 Looking for the Parade: Poems Joan Murray Robert Bly
1998 Beyond Heart Mountain: Poems Lee Ann Roripaugh Ishmael Reed
1998 So Often the Pitcher Goes to Water Until It Breaks Rigoberto González Ai
1997 Except by Nature Sandra Alcosser Eamon Grennan
1997 Tales of Muraski and Other Poems Martine Bellen Rosemarie Waldrop
1997 The Origins of Evening: Poems Robert Gibb Eavan Boland
1997 Silent Treatment: Poems Lisa Lewis Stanley Plumly
1997 Lost Wax: Poems Heather Ramsdell James Tate
1996 Red Signature Mary Leader Deborah Digges
1996 The Little Door Slides Back: Poems Jeff Clark Ray DiPalma
1996 Placebo Effects: Poems Jeanne Marie Beaumont William Matthews
1996 The New Intimacy Barbara Cully Carolyn Forché
1996 Nine Skies: Poems A V. Christie Sandra McPherson
1995 Leaving a Shadow Heather Allen Denise Levertov
1995 Response Juliana Spahr Lyn Hejinian
1995 Crash's Law: Poems Karen Volkman Heather McHugh
1995 Strange Relation Daniel Hall Mark Doty
1995 The Broken World: Poems Marcus Cafagna Yusef Komunyakaa
1995 Infanta Erin Belieu Hayden Carruth
1994 To Give It Up Pam Rehm Barbara Guest
1994 Hummock in the Malookas: Poems Matthew Rohrer Mary Oliver
1994 The Human Abstract Elizabeth Willis Ann Lauterbach
1994 Theater of Animals: Poems Samn Stockwell Louise Glück
1993 The Other Man Was Me: A Voyage to the New World Rafael Campo Gloria Vando
1993 Most Way Home: Poems Kevin Young Lucille Clifton
1993 The Landlady in Bangkok Karen Swenson Maxine Kumin
1993 The Other Stars Rachel Wetzsteon John Hollander
1993 The High Road to Taos: Poems Martin Edmunds Donald Hall
1992 Lost Body Terry Ehret Carolyn Kizer
1992 Shorter Poems Gerald Burns Robert Creeley
1992 Debt: Poems Mark Levine Jorie Graham
1992 What We Don't Know about Each Other Lawrence Raab Stephen Dunn
1992 My Alexandria: Poems Mark Doty Philip Levine
1991 A Flower Whose Name I Do Not Know David Romtvedt John Haines
1991 To Put the Mouth to Judith Hall Richard Howard
1991 As If James Richardson Amy Clampitt
1991 Good Hope Road Stuart Dischell Thomas Lux
1991 The Dig Lynn Emanuel Gerald Stern
1990 Words for My Daughter John Balaban W.S. Merwin
1990 Questions About Angels: Poems Billy Collins Edward Hirsch
1990 Rainbow Remnants in Rock Bottom Ghetto Sky: Poems Thylias Moss Charles Simic
1990 The Island Itself Roger Fanning Michael Ryan
1990 The Surface: Poems Laura Mullen C. K. Williams
1989 Terra Firma Thomas Centolella Denise Levertov
1989 Artist and Model Carol Snow Robert Hass
1989 The Brother's Country: Poems Tom Andrews Charles Wright
1989 Blessings in Disguise David Clewell Quincy Troupe
1989 Stubborn: Poems Roland Flint Dave Smith
1988 Green the Witch-Hazel Wood Emily Hiestand Jorie Graham
1988 After We Lost Our Way David Mura Gerald Stern
1988 Black Wings Len Roberts Sharon Olds
1988 No mercy Lee Upton James Tate
1988 Great Bird of Love: Poems Paul Zimmer William Stafford
1987 A Guide to Forgetting Jeffrey Skinner Tess Gallagher
1987 Singing Underneath Jeffrey Harrison James Merrill
1987 The Good Thief: Poems Marie Howe Margaret Atwood
1987 New Math: Poems Cole Swensen Michael Palmer
1987 The Hand of God and a Few Bright Flowers William Olsen David Wagoner
1986 Cardinals in the Ice Age John Engels Philip Levine
1986 Red Roads Charlie Smith Stanley Kunitz
1986 Junk City Barbara Anderson Robert Pinsky
1986 Little Star: Poems Mark Halliday Heather McHugh
1986 Cities in Motion Sylvia Moss Derek Walcott
1985 As Long As You're Happy: Poems Jack Myers Seamus Heaney
1985 Saints Reginald Gibbons Roland Flint
1985 Local Time Stephen Dunn Dave Smith
1985 Palladium: Poems Alice Fulton Mark Strand
1984 Wild Onion Robert L. Jones Carolyn Forché
1984 The Raft Kathy Fagan Daniel Halpern
1984 Afterwards Amy Bartlett Galway Kinnell
1984 Silver and Information Bruce Smith Hayden Carruth
1984 Eroding Witness Nathaniel Mackey Michael S. Harper
1983 In the Solar Wind Wendy Battin William Matthews
1983 God's Mistress James Galvin Marvin Bell
1983 The persistence of memory: Poems Mary Fell Madeline DeFrees
1983 Black Dog, Red Dog: Poems Stephen Dobyns Robert Hass
1982 The Greater Leisures Jane Miller Stanley Plumly
1982 Going On: Selected Poems 1958-1980 Joanne Kyger Robert Creeley
1982 From the Abandoned Cities Donald Revell C.K. Williams
1982 The Hands in Exile Susan Tichy Sandra McPherson
1982 Corpse and Mirror John Yau
1981 Accidental Weather Sherod Santos Charles Wright
1981 Hugging the Jukebox Naomi Shihab Nye Josephine Miles
1981 Second Sight Jonathan Aaron Anthony Hecht
1981 The Incognito Lounge: And Other Poems Denis Johnson Mark Strand
1981 The Mud Actor Cyrus Cassells Al Young
1980 Gumbo George Barlow Ishmael Reed
1980 The Dollmaker's Ghost Larry Levis Stanley Kunitz
1980 Leaving Taos Robert Peterson Carolyn Kizer
1980 So This Is the Map Reg Saner Derek Walcott
1980 In Winter Michael Ryan
1979 Any Body's Song Joseph Langland Ann Stanford
1979 The collected poems of Sterling A. Brown Sterling Allen Brown Michael Harper
1979 Silks Roberta Spear Philip Levine

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