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The Security Bureau of the National Police Agency (警察庁警備局, Keisatsu-chō Keibi-kyoku) is a bureau of the Japan's National Police Agency in charge of national-level internal security affairs.[1][2] It supervises the Security Bureau and the Public Security Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and Security Departments of the Prefectural Police Departments for those issues.[3][4]

The NPA SB is currently being commanded by Yoshihiko Oishi.[5]

It's known that the NPA has bureaucratic disputes with the JSDF since the former was rebuilt by the Allied Forces in order to monitor any signs of pro-Communist activities.[2]


Organization of the Security Bureau is as follows:[6]

Security Department[edit]

It is charged with internal counter-terrorism, countering cybercrime and surveillance of potentially threatening groups, organisations, and social phenomena:[4] It's also tasked with providing close protection requirements to VIPs.[7]

  • Security Planning Division (警備企画課, Keibi Kikaku-ka)
    • Security Coordination Office
    • Image Data Analysis Office
    • Intelligence Coordination Analysis Office
    • Crisis Management Office
    • Cyber Attack Analysis Center
  • Public Security Division (公安課, Kōan-ka)
    • Intelligence Countermeasure Office
    • Far-Left Countermeasure Office
    • Far-Right Countermeasure Office
    • Special Organized Crime Countermeasure Office
  • Security Division (警備課, Keibi-ka)

Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Department[edit]

It is charged with counter-intelligence, and international counter-terrorism:[8]

  • Foreign Affairs Division (外事課, Gaiji-ka)
    • Foreign Affairs Technical Investigation Office
    • Foreign Affairs Research Office
    • Foreign Affairs Special Case Countermeasure Office
    • Unauthorized Export Countermeasure Office
  • Counter International Terrorism Division (国際テロリズム対策課, Kokusai Terorizumu Taisaku-ka)
    • Counter International Terrorism Countermeasure Office


Prospective SB officers are trained at the National Police Academy in intelligence gathering techniques.[9]


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