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The Security Bureau of the National Police Agency (警察庁警備局, Keisatsu-chō Keibi-kyoku) is a bureau of the Japan's National Police Agency in charge of national-level internal security affairs. It supervises the Security Bureau and the Public Security Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and Security Departments of the Prefectural Police Departments for those issues.[1][2][3]


Organization of the Security Bureau is as follows:[4]

Security Department[edit]

It is charged with internal counter-terrorism, countering cybercrime and surveillance of potentially threatening groups, organisations, and social phenomena:[3]

  • Security Planning Division (警備企画課, Keibi Kikaku-ka)
  • Public Security Division (公安課, Kōan-ka)
  • Security Division (警備課, Keibi-ka)

Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Department[edit]

It is charged with counter-intelligence, and international counter-terrorism:[5]

  • Foreign Affairs Division (外事課, Gaiji-ka)
  • Counter International Terrorism Division (国際テロリズム対策課, Kokusai Terorizumu Taisaku-ka)

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