National Police of Niger

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National Police of Niger
Police nationale du Niger
Insigna of the national police of Niger.jpg
Badge of the National Police
MottoÉcouter, Protéger, Servir
Listen, Protect, Serve
Agency overview
Employees5000 (2014)[1]
Jurisdictional structure
National agencyNiger
Operations jurisdictionNiger
Governing bodyGovernment of Niger
General nature
Operational structure
Overviewed byDirection générale de la police nationale
HeadquartersNiamey, Niger

Minister responsible
Agency executive
Official website ‹See Tfd›(in French)

The National police (fr. Police nationale) of Niger are one of two Police forces, previously under the control of the Armed Forces of Niger, but following the Constitution of 1999, come under the control of the Ministry of the Interior. They are responsible for security and law enforcement in urban areas, and the protection of government buildings, institutions, and through special agencies, the security of government leaders.[3]

The National Police report to the General Directorate of National Police, headquartered in Niamey[4] which also commanded the former National Forces for Intervention and Security (FNIS), until it was superseded by the Guard Nationale in 2010. The National Police numbered 1500 in the year of 2002. The Niger police emergency number is 17. Foreign governments have accused the National Police of being poorly trained, equipped, and often corrupt. Niger police are alleged by the United States Department of State to commonly request money in return for assistance. Victims of criminal activities in Niger are not assured of assistance from Niger police even after calling the emergency number for Niger police. The traffic police of Niger are alleged similarly for slow response. The Niger police vehicles are often condemned of lacking the basic necessities such as gasoline.[5]

The Gendarmerie Nationale, modeled on the French Gendarmerie, is a separate institution, responsible for policing outside urban areas, and reporting to the Ministry of Defense.

The National Police sponsor a semi-professional football club, AS Police, which plays in the Niger Premier League.


The General Directorate of the National Police (French: Direction Générale de la Police nationale) (DGPN) is the highest structure of the National Police of Niger and is headed the director-general (directeur général de la police nationale) Souley Boubacar. The General Directorate of the National Police is subdivided in 9 directorates.[6] The directorates are:

  • Directorate of the National School of the Police -- (French: Direction Ecole Nationale de la Police)
  • Directorate of Financial Resources -- (French: Direction Ressources Financières)
  • Directorate of Human Resources -- (French: Direction Ressources Humaines)
  • Directorate of Logistics and Infrastructures -- (Direction Logistique et Infrastructures)
  • Directorate of Public Security -- (French: Direction Sécurité Publique)
  • Directorate of Judiciary Police -- (French: Direction Police Judiciaire)
    • Division of Criminal Investigations -- (French: Division des Investigations Criminelles)
    • Division of Financial and Economic Investigations -- (French: Division Des Enquêtes Financières et Economiques)
    • Division of Vice and the Protection of Minors -- (French: Division des Mœurs et Protection des Mineurs)
    • Division of Cybercriminality, Statistics and Analysis -- (French: Division lutte contre la cybercriminalité Statistique and Analyse)
    • National Central Bureau - Interpol -- ((French: Bureau Central National - Interpol)
    • Anti-Drug Center -- (French: Centre Anti‐Drogue)
    • Judiciary Identity Central Service -- (French: Service Central Identité Judiciaire)
    • Inter-regional Judiciary Service -- (French: Service Inter‐Régional de la Police Judiciaire)
  • Directorate of Homeland Intelligence -- (French: Direction Renseignement Intérieur)
  • Directorate of Protection of High Personality -- (French: Direction Protection Hautes Personnalités)
  • Directorate of Studies and Technical Cooperation -- (French: Direction Etudes/Rég. Coopération Technique)

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