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National Police of Ukraine
(Національна поліція України)
Patch Police of Ukraine.svg
Patch of the National Police
Ukrainian National Police logo.svg
Emblem of the National Police
Badge of National Police of Ukraine.svg
Badge of the National Police
Flag of Ukrainian National Police.svg
Motto To serve and protect
(Служити і захищати)
Agency overview
Formed 4 July, 2015
Preceding agency


  • 119,000 police officers
  • 11,000 civil personnel
Annual budget 13.9 billion UAH (2016)
Jurisdictional structure
National agency Ukraine
Operations jurisdiction Ukraine
Size 603,629 km²
Population 44 million (approx.)
Governing body Government of Ukraine
Constituting instrument
  • Law on "National Police"
General nature • Local civilian agency
Operational structure
Overviewed by Ministry of Internal Affairs
Headquarters 10, Academician Bohomolets
str., Kiev,  Ukraine [1]

Minister responsible
Agency executive
Patrol cars Toyota Prius
Hyundai Sonata
Renault Duster
Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Police Day, July 4[3]
Official website

The National Police of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Національна поліція України, Natsional'na politsiya Ukrainy), commonly shortened to Police (Ukrainian: Поліція, Politsiya), is the national, and the only, police service of Ukraine. It was formed on 3 July 2015, as part of the post-Euromaidan reforms launched by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, to replace Ukrainian's previous national police service, the Militsiya.[4][5] On 7 November 2015 all the remaining militsiya were labelled "temporary acting" members of the National Police.[4]

The agency is overseen by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.[6]


Prior to 3 July 2015, law enforcement in Ukraine was carried out directly by the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the militsiya. Plans to reform the Ministry, which was widely known to be corrupt, had been advocated by various governments and parties, but these plans were never realised.[5][7]

In the aftermath of the 2013–2014 Euromaidan movement and subsequent revolution, the need for reform was acknowledged by all parties. Parliamentary elections were held in October 2014, after which all five of the parties that formed the governing coalition pledged to reform the ministry and create a new national police service.[8]

As part of the reforms, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, presented plans to reduce the number of police officers in Ukraine to 160,000 by the end of 2015.[9] The reform plans started with the combination of the ministry's current State Auto Inspection (DAI) and the patrol service in the country's capital Kiev in summer 2015.[10][11] This new police patrol received funding from various countries.[12] 2,000 new policemen and women, picked from 33,000 applicants, were recruited to initiate the new service in Kiev. Officers were American-trained.[12]

23 August 2015 launch of the new patrol police in Lviv.

Upon the launch of Kiev's new patrol police on 4 July 2015, the militsiya ceased all patrolling but continued working at precincts and administrative offices.[13][12][14] After that the new police patrol was rolled out across Ukraine.[12] The organisation was formally established as the National Police on 2 September 2015.[6] By late September 2015, 2,000 new constables were on duty in Kiev, 800 were on duty in Kharkiv and 1,700 were on duty in the cities of Odesa and Lviv.[15][13] At this point, the militsiya was 152,000 officers strong, and continued to handle most policing across Ukraine.[16] The basic salary of the new police force (almost $400 a month) is about three times as much the basic salary of the former militsiya; an attempt to decrease corruption.[17]

The new National Police officially replaced the old militsiya on 7 November 2015.[4] On that day, the remaining militsiya were labelled "temporarily acting" members of the National Police.[4] The change allowed for them to become members of the National Police after "integrity checks", but they were only eligible if they met the age criteria and went through retraining.[4][18] This transition period ended on 20 October 2016.[19] In this transition period 26% of police commanders were dismissed and 4,400 policemen and policewomen demoted and the same number of people promoted.[19]


According to Professor Oleksandr Ponomariv of the Kiev University's Institute of Journalism, the correct Ukrainian language term for a police officer is 'politsiyant' (поліціянт). This is in contrast to the term 'politseysky' (поліцейський), a loan word from the Russian language, commonly used to refer to an officer of the National Police.

Ranks are rarely used by the public when addressing police officers in Ukraine; it is more common to hear the term Pan (Пан) (female - Pani (Пані) - Ukrainian for mister/miss - used to refer to police officers. Qualifying terms such as 'ofitser' (офіцер) or 'politseiskyi' (поліцейський) may also be used in conjunction with these forms of address.

Structure and branches[edit]

The National Police is divided into a number of different services. Each force has internal subdivisions. This leaves the police service with a large number of specialised branches which can more specifically target certain types of crime and apply more expert knowledge in the investigation of cases relating to their area of policing. In addition to these specific groups, all police forces retain a majority of officers for the purpose of patrol duty and general law enforcement.

The Police contains the following subdivisions:[20]

  • Criminal Police (Кримінальна поліція) – investigation and prevention of serious and violent crime in Ukraine
    • Department in fight against drug-related crime
    • Department of Cyber Police (Кіберполіція, Департамент кіберполіції) – fighting against cyber crimes
    • Department of Economic Security
  • Department of Patrol Police (Патрульна поліція) – general law enforcement operations, traffic policing and patrol duty (includes riot police divisions)
    • number of municipal administrations
  • Department of Police Security (Поліція охорони) – Successor to the State Security Service (nothing to do with the State Security Administration)

In addition, the following special units exist:

  • Special Police (Спеціальна поліція) – Tasked with keeping order in areas with special status and/or affected by natural or ecological disaster.
  • Rapid Operational Response Unit (KORD) (Корпус Оперативно-Раптової Дії) – Tactical response unit, tasked with resolution of stand-off situations involving hostages and/or heavily armed suspects. Also tasked with providing a tactical support function to other divisional officers.
  • Pre-trial Investigative Services (Органи досудового розслідування) – Representatives of the National Investigative Bureau, Tax Authorities and Security Services, tasked with investigating crime.

Shoulder patches of the regional police subdivisions[edit]

Territorial force Date of formation
Oblast / Municipality Police force
COA of Kyiv Kurovskyi.svg City of Kiev Patch of Kiev Patrol Police.svg Kiev Patrol Police 4 July 2015[21]
Coat of arms of Lviv.svg City of Lviv Patch of Lviv Patrol Police.svg Lviv Patrol Police 23 August 2015[22]
Arms of Odessa.svg City of Odesa Patch of Odesa Patrol Police.svg Odesa Patrol Police 25 August 2015[23]
Coat of arms of Kharkiv.svg City of Kharkiv Patch of Kharkiv Patrol Police.svg Kharkiv Patrol Police 26 September 2015[15]
Herb Kyivskoi oblasti 1.svg Kiev region Patch of Kiev region Patrol Police.svg Kiev Oblast Patrol Police 7 October 2015[24]
Coat of arms of the city of Uzhhorod.svg City of Uzhhorod Patch of Uzhhorod Patrol Police.png Uzhhorod Patrol Police 29 November 2015[25]
Mukachevo gerb.png City of Mukacheve Patch of Mukachevo Patrol Police.png Mukacheve Patrol Police 29 November 2015[25]
Coat of arms of Mykolaiv part.svg City of Mykolaiv Patch of Mykolaiv Patrol Police.png Mykolaiv Patrol Police 6 December 2015[26]ref>"У Миколаєві стартувала поліція, - Аваков" [Police started in Mykolaiv, Avakov]. 6 December 2015.</ref>
Herb Lutsk.svg City of Lutsk Patch of Lutsk Patrol Police.svg Lutsk Patrol Police 19 December 2015[27]
Coat of Arms of Khmelnitsky.svg City of Khmelnytskyi Patch of Khmelnytskyi Patrol Police.svg Khmelnytskyi Patrol Police 26 December 2015 [28]
Coat of arms of Dnipro.svg City of Dnipro Patch of Dnipropetrovsk Patrol Police.svg Dnipro Patrol Police 17 January 2016[29]
Ivano-Frankivsk COA.png City of Ivano-Frankivsk Patch of Ivano-Frankivsk Patrol Police.svg Ivano-Frankivsk Patrol Police 30 January 2016[30]
Coat of arms of Kherson.svg City of Kherson Patch of Kherson Patrol Police.png Kherson Patrol Police 8 February 2016[31]
Coat of Arms of Chernihiv.svg City of Chernihiv Patch of Chernigiv Patrol Police.svg Chernihiv Patrol Police 19 February 2016[32]
Coat of arms of Vinnycia.svg City of Vinnytsia Patch of Vinnytsia Patrol Police.png Vinnytsia Patrol Police 22 February 2016[33]
Coat of Arms of Kremenchuk.svg City of Kremenchuk Patch of Kremenchuk Patrol Police.png Kremenchuk Patrol Police 27 February 2016[34]
COA Cherkasy, Cherkaska, Ukraine.svg City of Cherkasy Patch of Cherkasy Patrol Police.png Cherkasy Patrol Police 1 March 2016[35]
Poltava coat.svg City of Poltava Patch of Poltava Patrol Police.svg Poltava Patrol Police 5 March 2016[36]
Coat of arms of Ternopil.svg City of Ternopil Patch of Ternopil Patrol Police.png Ternopil Patrol Police 12 March 2016[37]
Coat of Arms of Zhytomyr.svg City of Zhytomyr Patch of Zhytomyr Patrol Police (lesser).svg Zhytomyr Patrol Police 22 March 2016[38]
Coat of Arms Boryspil.png City of Boryspil Patch of Boryspil Patrol Police.jpg Boryspil Patrol Police 24 March 2016[39]
Cernivtsi gerb.png City of Chernivtsi Patch of Chernivtsi Patrol Police.png Chernivtsi Patrol Police 27 March 2016[40]
Герб Запорожья 2003 года.svg City of Zaporizhia Patch of Zaporizhia Patrol Police.png Zaporizhia Patrol Police 16 April 2016[41]
Coat of arms Rivne.svg City of Rivne Patch of Riwne Patrol Police.svg Rivne Patrol Police 19 April 2016[42]
Small Coat of Arms of Kropyvnytskyi.png City of Kropyvnytskyi Patch of Kirovohrad Patrol Police.png Kropyvnytskyi Patrol Police 28 April 2016[43]
Sumy-COA.PNG City of Sumy Patch of Sumy Patrol Police.png Sumy Patrol Police 12 May 2016[44]
Kramatorsk gerb.png City of Kramatorsk Patch of Kramatorsk Patrol Police (greater).png Kramatorsk Patrol Police 14 May 2016[45]
Coat of Arms of Sloviansk.png City of Sloviansk Patch of Kramatorsk-Sloviansk Patrol Police (greater).png Sloviansk Patrol Police 14 May 2016[45]
Coat of Arms of Kryvyi Rih.svg City of Kryvyi Rih Patch of Kryvyi Rih Patrol Police (greater).png Kryvyi Rih Patrol Police 19 May 2016[46]
Severodoneck gerb.png Sievierodonetsk Patch of Syevyerodonetsk Patrol Police.png Sievierodonetsk Patrol Police 22 May 2016[47]
Coat of Arms of Lysychansk.svg Lysychansk Patch of Sievierodonetsk-Rubizhne-Lysychansk Patrol Police (lesser).png Lysychansk Patrol Police 22 May 2016[47]
Rubezhnoe gerb.png Rubizhne Patch of Sievierodonetsk-Rubizhne-Lysychansk Patrol Police (lesser).png Rubizhne Patrol Police 22 May 2016[47]
Mariupol gerb.png Mariupol Patch of Mariupol Patrol Police.png Mariupol Patrol Police 30 May 2016[48]

Rank hierarchy[edit]

Junior officers Senior officers
Shoulder insignia
for every day uniform
Ukrainian police shoulder mark 01.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 02.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 03.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 04.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 05.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 06.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 07.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 08.svg
Rank Constable,
Police officer
Corporal Sergeant Staff sergeant Junior
Lieutenant Senior
Supervisory officers Staff officers
Shoulder insignia
for every day uniform
Ukrainian police shoulder mark 09.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 10.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 11.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 12.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 13.svg Ukrainian police shoulder mark 14.svg
Rank Major Lieutenant
Colonel Third division
(Major General)
Second division
(Lieutenant General)
First division
(Colonel general)


Officers wear a camera that is constantly monitoring their performances.[13] The resulting videos are posted on social media and broadcast on a reality TV show.[13]


Picture Make and model Country of origin Use Quantity Notes
Ukrainian police patrol.jpg Toyota Prius Japan
Patrol car 1,568 General purpose patrol car.
Supplied by Japan in return for Ukrainian emissions permits under the Kyoto Protocol.
Hyundai Sonata of National Police of Ukraine.jpg Hyundai Sonata South Korea
South Korea
Highway patrol car 110 Highway patrol car.
Former taxis operated under the SkyTaxi brand by Kiev's Boryspil International Airport. Owned by the state and transferred to the Police as surplus to SkyTaxi's requirements.
Isuzu D-Max of National Police of Ukraine.jpg Isuzu D-Max Japan
Patrol car 38 Procured for the police in the Western Ukrainian region of Volyn.
Mitsubishi Outlander Japan
Patrol car 635 Were bought by in 2017.
Renault Doker of National Police of Ukraine.jpg Renault Dokker Morocco
Police van 192 Badged as Renault and based on the Dacia Dokker. Assembled in Morocco.
Renault Duster of National Police of Ukraine.jpg Renault Duster Romania
Patrol car 104 Badged as Renault and based on the Dacia Duster. Assembled in Romania.
UAZ Patriot - przód(MSP16).jpg UAZ Patriot Russia
Patrol car >20 Were bought before 2014 by former Ukrainian Militsya[49]
Lada Niva front 20080228.jpg Lada Niva Russia
Patrol car 9 Were bought by Poltava Police in 2016.[50]
Raketa-Futong FT 150 China/Ukraine
Police motorcycle
Robinson R44 United States
United States
Helicopter 1 Is used to maintain public order during mass events
Fiat Tipo Italy
Patrol Car ~20 Bought for Kiev police
Skoda Rapid Ukraine
Patrol car 400
Assembled in Ukraine. 
On order. Contract signed in December 2017

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