National Population and Family Planning Commission

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National Population and Family Planning Commission
Guójiā Rénkǒu Hé Jìhuà Shēngyù Wěiyuánhuì
Agency overview
DissolvedMarch 2013
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction People's Republic of China
Parent agencyState Council

National Population and Family Planning Commission (NPFPC, 2003-2013), formerly National Family Planning Commission (1981-2003), of the Government of the People's Republic of China was the state agency responsible for population and family planning in the People's Republic of China. The Commission was dissolved and superseded by the National Health and Family Planning Commission in March 2013, during the first session of the 12th National People's Congress.

The agency was managed by a minister and four vice ministers.[1]

List of Ministers[edit]

Minister in charge of the National (Population and) Family Planning Commission
Name Took office Left office
1 Chen Muhua March 1981 April 1982
2 Qian Xinzhong April 1982 December 1983
3 Wang Wei (王伟) December 1983 January 1988
4 Peng Peiyun January 1988 March 1998
5 Zhang Weiqing (张维庆) March 1998 March 2008
6 Li Bin March 2008 December 2011
7 Wang Xia (王侠) December 2011 16 March 2013

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