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National Power Index

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For other uses, see Power index.

National Power scores are the product of an index combining the weighted factors of GDP, defense spending, population, and technology. Scores are calculated by the International Futures computer model and are expressed as a state’s relative share (percentage) of all global power.

The forecast of these values is hosted by the Google Public Data Explorer.[1] Graphs for any country and some regional groupings can be produced to 2060 for the International Futures Base Case or scenarios produced for the United Nations Environment Programme Global Environmental Outlook 4.

In a ranking combining many more variables (GDP, current account balance, public finances, number of Global 500 corporations, nuclear protection, manpower fit for military service, military expenditures, military power projection, size of diplomatic network, UN membership, permanent UN Security Council membership, number of patents and industrial designs, official development aid, BBC Attitudes towards Countries poll[2]) in 2010 EU scored 0.961 and US 0.924 and in 2011 EU scored 0.954[3] and US 0.904.[4]

In 2010[edit]

Power as percentage of global power in 2010.

In 2025[edit]

According to the Atlantic Council and the International Futures model, the relative political and economic clout of many countries will shift by 2025.

Power as percentage of global power in 2025.

Twenty Most Powerful Nations at Given Years[edit]

The following is a list of twenty most powerful nations at a specific year according to the Atlantic Council and the International Futures model.

Rank 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050 2060
1  United States  United States  China  China  China  China
2  China  China  United States  United States  United States  India
3  India  India  India  India  India  United States
4  Japan  Japan  Japan  Japan  Indonesia  Indonesia
5  Germany  Germany  Russia  Russia  Japan  Brazil
6  United Kingdom  Russia  Germany  Brazil  Brazil  Japan
7  France  United Kingdom  Brazil  Indonesia  Russia  Pakistan
8  Russia  Brazil  United Kingdom  Germany  United Kingdom  Russia
9  Brazil  France  France  United Kingdom  Pakistan  United Kingdom
10  Italy  South Korea  Indonesia  Saudi Arabia  Germany  Germany
Rank 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050 2060
11  South Korea  Indonesia  Saudi Arabia  France  Saudi Arabia  France
12  Indonesia  Italy  South Korea  Mexico  France  Nigeria
13  Mexico  Saudi Arabia  Mexico  Pakistan  Mexico  Saudi Arabia
14  Canada  Mexico  Turkey  Turkey  Nigeria  Mexico
15  Burma  Canada  Italy  South Korea  Turkey  Turkey
16  Spain  Pakistan  Pakistan  Nigeria  South Korea  Bangladesh
17  Saudi Arabia  Turkey  Canada  Canada  Bangladesh  Ethiopia
18  Turkey  Spain  Nigeria  Italy  Canada  South Korea
19  Pakistan  Nigeria  Burma  Bangladesh  Australia  Philippines
20  Nigeria  Australia  Australia  Australia  Philippines  Canada

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