National Prize for Arts and Sciences (Mexico)

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The National Prize for Arts and Sciences (Premio Nacional de Ciencias y Artes) is awarded annually by the Government of Mexico in six categories. It is part of the Mexican Honours System and was established in 1945. The prize is a gold medal and 520,000 pesos.

Selected winners[edit]

For a complete list of winners in tabular format, see the corresponding article in Spanish.

Linguistics and literature[edit]

Lingüística y Literatura

Physics, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences[edit]

Ciencias Físico-Matemáticas y Naturales

Technology and Design[edit]

Tecnología y Diseño

Popular Arts and Traditions[edit]

Artes y Tradiciones Populares

Fine arts[edit]

Bellas Artes

History, Social Sciences, and Philosophy[edit]

Historia, Ciencias Sociales y Filosofía

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