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The National Red games (simplified Chinese: 全国红色运动会; traditional Chinese: 全國紅色運動會; pinyin: Quánguó Hóngsè Yùndònghuì),[1][2] shortened as Red games (simplified Chinese: 红运会; traditional Chinese: 紅運會; pinyin: Hóngyùn Huì)[3] or sometimes referred to internationally as Communist Olympics[4] is a national sporting competition that began within the People's Republic of China under the Communist Party of China. The city and people participating varies depending on the games.

List of games[edit]

Year Games Host Dates Participants Athletes Comments
Linyi, Shandong August 26–28[5] 8 cities[5] 400[5]
Qingyang, Gansu June 26–28 21 cities from China, 2 schools, 61 representative teams[1] 600[1] Coincided with 90th anniversary of founding of CPC


The competition events vary depending on the games. Below are listing of some of the sports.[5][6]

  • Grenade throws
  • 100m thread spin
  • 240m obstacle course
  • barb wire crawls
  • minefield run
  • Cart pushing
  • medic stretcher race
  • patriotic sprints
  • heroic suicide bombing (inspired by Dong Cunrui)[7]

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