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National Regifting Day[1] is an annual observance held each year on the Thursday before Christmas. Many office holiday parties are held on this day, and research shows that 40 percent[2] of office party gifts are regifted—that is, something given to someone and then re-given to another person without use.

On October 24, 2008, the state of Colorado declared December 18, 2008, "National Regifting Day," in an official proclamation[3] issued by the state's governor, Bill Ritter, Jr.. Money Management International made and to give people a fun way to learn more about regifting dos and don'ts, and to start the conversation on a topic many people are reluctant to discuss—holiday spending and financial worries.

The idea of regifting was featured in a popular Seinfeld episode, wherein the etiquette of re-gifting is discussed.

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