National Register of Historic Places listings in Bayfield County, Wisconsin

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Location of Bayfield County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Bayfield County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Bayfield County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.[1]

There are 24 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Another property was once listed but has been removed.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted May 19, 2017.[2]

Current listings[edit]

[3] Name on the Register[4] Image Date listed[5] Location City or town Description
1 Apostle Islands Lighthouses
Apostle Islands Lighthouses
March 8, 1977
N and E of Bayfield on Michigan, Raspberry, Outer, Sand and Devils Islands
46°59′38″N 90°36′06″W / 46.993889°N 90.601667°W / 46.993889; -90.601667 (Apostle Islands Lighthouses)
Bayfield Six lighthouses built on various islands as early as 1856, to guide ships through and around the islands.[6]
2 Bank of Washburn
Bank of Washburn
January 17, 1980
Bayfield St. and Central Ave.
46°40′24″N 90°53′29″W / 46.673333°N 90.891389°W / 46.673333; -90.891389 (Bank of Washburn)
Washburn Monumental building designed by Conover and Porter in Romanesque style and built in 1890, of brownstone quarried north of Washburn. Now houses historical museum and cultural center.[7]
3 Bayfield County Courthouse
Bayfield County Courthouse
January 17, 1975
117 E. 5th St.
46°40′37″N 90°53′33″W / 46.676944°N 90.8925°W / 46.676944; -90.8925 (Bayfield County Courthouse)
Washburn Courthouse designed by James Nader of Madison in Neoclassical revival style and built in 1894 of locally quarried brownstone.[8]
4 Bayfield Fish Hatchery
Bayfield Fish Hatchery
July 22, 1981
WI State Highway 13
46°47′10″N 90°51′49″W / 46.786111°N 90.863611°W / 46.786111; -90.863611 (Bayfield Fish Hatchery)
Salmo R. D. Pike operated a private fish hatchery on this site from the 1860s to 1895, when he donated the land to the state. The state built a new hatchery, with the gambrel-roofed Victorian building holding an office, living quarters, and a fish egg propagation area washed by the waters of Birch Run Creek.[9]
5 Bayfield Historic District
Bayfield Historic District
November 25, 1980
WI J and WI 13
46°48′43″N 90°49′07″W / 46.811944°N 90.818611°W / 46.811944; -90.818611 (Bayfield Historic District)
Bayfield A 60-block area in the city of Bayfield,[10] encompassing commercial buildings from wooden false front to brownstone, and residences from modest to Queen Anne.[11]
6 Booth Cooperage
Booth Cooperage
August 13, 1976
1 East Washington St.
46°48′45″N 90°48′45″W / 46.8125°N 90.8125°W / 46.8125; -90.8125 (Booth Cooperage)
Bayfield Built as a fish storehouse around 1900, partly on cribbing. In 1914, Booth Fisheries converted part of the building to a factory in which five coopers hand-made wooden barrels - up to 75,000 a year - for packing locally caught salted fish.[11]
7 Frank Boutin, Jr. House
Frank Boutin, Jr. House
December 27, 1974
7 Rice St.
46°48′50″N 90°48′49″W / 46.813889°N 90.813611°W / 46.813889; -90.813611 (Frank Boutin, Jr. House)
Bayfield Queen Anne home built in 1908 with exterior of sandstone, brick and clapboard. Boutin's father was an early lumberman and fisherman in Bayfield.[11]
8 Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
December 27, 1974
121-125 North 3rd. St.
46°48′46″N 90°49′07″W / 46.812778°N 90.818611°W / 46.812778; -90.818611 (Christ Episcopal Church)
Bayfield The chapel was built in 1870, the first Episcopal church in northern Wisconsin.[11] The whole is in Carpenter Gothic style, with board and batten exterior.[12]
9 East Third Street Residential Historic District Upload image
July 18, 2014
E. 3rd St. from Central Ave. to 4th Ave. E.
46°40′32″N 90°53′22″W / 46.6755°N 90.8895°W / 46.6755; -90.8895 (East Third Street Residential Historic District)
Washburn 31 contributing homes built from 1885 through 1950 including Colonial Revival style, Queen Anne, Prairie School, and Craftsman. Some were constructed by DuPont for employees[13] who worked at its Barksdale explosives plant.[14]
10 Forest Lodge Upload image
February 14, 2002
Garmisch Rd.
46°12′17″N 91°06′32″W / 46.204722°N 91.108889°W / 46.204722; -91.108889 (Forest Lodge)
Namakagon Rustic retreat of the Livingston/Griggs family of St. Paul on Namekagon Lake, on the site of a logging camp. Buildings constructed from 1893 to 1950 include the lodge, two-story boathouse, and maid's cabin.[15]
11 Forest Lodge Library
Forest Lodge Library
July 11, 2001
13450 Cty Hwy M
46°12′28″N 91°17′29″W / 46.207778°N 91.291389°W / 46.207778; -91.291389 (Forest Lodge Library)
Cable St. Paul socialite Mary Livingston Griggs built this Rustic log building in 1925-26 for the community of Cable, in honor of her mother and their family lodge on Namekagon Lake.[16]
12 Herbster Community Center Upload image
August 15, 1997
Lenawee Rd., S of jct. of Lenawee Rd. and WI 13
46°49′51″N 91°15′43″W / 46.830833°N 91.261944°W / 46.830833; -91.261944 (Herbster Community Center)
Herbster Town hall/gymnasium/community center constructed in Rustic style in 1939-40, a WPA project.[17]
13 Hokenson Fishing Dock
Hokenson Fishing Dock
June 18, 1976
N of Bayfield at Little Sand Bay
46°56′48″N 90°53′29″W / 46.946667°N 90.891389°W / 46.946667; -90.891389 (Hokenson Fishing Dock)
Bayfield Dock built on crib piers in 1927 by the three Hokensen brothers, who ran an independent fishing boat and packing operation out of Sand Island from the 1920s to the 1950s.[18]
14 Island Lake Camp Upload image
March 12, 1982
Island Lake Rd.
46°23′11″N 91°31′50″W / 46.386389°N 91.530556°W / 46.386389; -91.530556 (Island Lake Camp)
Drummond Rustic log cabin built in 1888,[19] summer retreat of the McCormick family and Dr. William Gray, newspaperman and editor of "The Interior," a Presbyterian publication.[20]
15 Lake Owen Archeological District
Lake Owen Archeological District
October 11, 2012
Address Restricted
Drummond vicinity
16 Old Bayfield County Courthouse
Old Bayfield County Courthouse
December 27, 1974
Washington St. between 4th and 5th Sts.
46°48′47″N 90°49′13″W / 46.813056°N 90.820278°W / 46.813056; -90.820278 (Old Bayfield County Courthouse)
Bayfield Built in 1884 of local brownstone with elements of Neoclassical and Romanesque Revival styles, served as county courthouse until 1892, when Washburn snatched the county seat. Later used as school, German POW camp, community center, and warehouse. Now headquarters for the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.[11]
17 OTTAWA (Tug) Shipwreck Site
OTTAWA (Tug) Shipwreck Site
June 8, 1992
northern edge of Red Cliff Bay
46°53′08″N 90°45′39″W / 46.885556°N 90.760833°W / 46.885556; -90.760833 (OTTAWA (Tug) Shipwreck Site)
Russell 151 foot tugboat built in Chicago in 1881 that first towed rafts of logs across Lake Michigan. In November 1909, after helping free a grounded steamship, she mysteriously caught fire in the night, burned and sank.[21]
18 John and Justina Palo Homestead Upload image
September 12, 2002
71055 Muskeg Rd.
46°36′19″N 91°28′12″W / 46.605278°N 91.47°W / 46.605278; -91.47 (John and Justina Palo Homestead)
Oulu Log house and outbuildings, including sauna, built from 1910 to 1949 by Finnish immigrant farmers.[22]
19 Pureair Sanatorium Upload image
August 20, 1981
S of Bayfield
46°47′27″N 90°50′50″W / 46.790833°N 90.847222°W / 46.790833; -90.847222 (Pureair Sanatorium)
Bayfield Tuberculosis sanatorium, built from 1918 to 1923 before antibiotics, when TB was called consumption and treatment consisted of isolation, rest, and fresh air. Also called the Tri-County Sanatorium because it was shared by Bayfield, Ashland and Iron counties.[23]
20 SEVONA (Bulk Carrier) Shipwreck Site
SEVONA (Bulk Carrier) Shipwreck Site
April 9, 1993
north of Sand Island
47°00′24″N 90°54′32″W / 47.0066°N 90.9089°W / 47.0066; -90.9089 (SEVONA (Bulk Carrier) Shipwreck Site)
Bayfield 372 foot steel steamer, built 1890 in Bay City, Michigan. Caught by a nor-easter on Sept 2, 1905, running from West Superior for Erie with 6000 tons of iron ore. Tried to shelter in Apostle Islands but ran aground on shoals north of Sand Island. Seven died - 16 escaped in lifeboats.[24]
21 Sevona Cabin Upload image
September 29, 1976
N of Bayfield on Sand Island
46°57′49″N 90°56′14″W / 46.963611°N 90.937222°W / 46.963611; -90.937222 (Sevona Cabin)
Bayfield Cottage built partly from salvage from the nearby Sevona shipwreck in its memory by Samuel Fifield, an Ashland businessman and lieutenant governor of Wisconsin.[25]
22 Shaw Farm Upload image
June 18, 1976
Sand Island
46°57′47″N 90°56′03″W / 46.963056°N 90.934167°W / 46.963056; -90.934167 (Shaw Farm)
Bayfield Francis Shaw received land on Sand Island for his Civil War service and built a cabin in 1871, the first permanent home on the island. For 50 years he and the next generation fished and farmed, and later ran a workshop and a store, serving as the social center of the island.[26]
23 Washburn Public Library
Washburn Public Library
March 1, 1984
Washington Ave. and W. 3rd St.
46°40′22″N 90°53′43″W / 46.672778°N 90.895278°W / 46.672778; -90.895278 (Washburn Public Library)
Washburn Carnegie library, designed by Henry Wildhagen and built in Neoclassical style in 1904. Still in use![27]
24 West Bay Club Upload image
July 28, 2015
Sand Island
46°58′19″N 90°58′35″W / 46.971993°N 90.976478°W / 46.971993; -90.976478 (West Bay Club)
Bayfield Rustic-styled clubhouse designed by Buechner & Orth and built in 1913 for hay fever sufferers from St. Paul.[28]

Former listings[edit]

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Reiten Boatyard Upload image
May 13, 1982[29]
June 15, 1984
Broad St. on The Waterfront
Bayfield Boneyard of lake-going wooden boats, docks and engines, demolished in 1984.[30]
2 South Shore Public School Upload image
Grand Ave. and WI 13
Port Wing Known as the "Big White School"

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