National Register of Historic Places listings in Dearborn County, Indiana

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Location of Dearborn County in Indiana

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Dearborn County, Indiana.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Dearborn County, Indiana, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a map.[1]

There are 27 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 1 National Historic Landmark.

Properties and districts located in incorporated areas display the name of the municipality, while properties and districts in unincorporated areas display the name of their civil township. Properties and districts split between multiple jurisdictions display the names of all jurisdictions.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted July 18, 2019.[2]
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Current listings[edit]

[3] Name on the Register[4] Image Date listed[5] Location City or town Description
1 Aurora City Hall
Aurora City Hall
March 14, 1996
216 3rd St. and 233-237 Main St.
39°03′19″N 84°54′00″W / 39.055278°N 84.900000°W / 39.055278; -84.900000 (Aurora City Hall)
2 Aurora Methodist Episcopal Church
Aurora Methodist Episcopal Church
September 8, 1994
304 3rd St.
39°03′20″N 84°54′03″W / 39.055556°N 84.900833°W / 39.055556; -84.900833 (Aurora Methodist Episcopal Church)
3 Aurora Public Library
Aurora Public Library
May 27, 1993
414 2nd St.
39°03′26″N 84°54′07″W / 39.057222°N 84.901944°W / 39.057222; -84.901944 (Aurora Public Library)
Aurora Neo-Renaissance style building designed by Garber & Woodward in 1923
4 Carnegie Hall of Moores Hill College
Carnegie Hall of Moores Hill College
March 17, 1994
14687 Main St.
39°06′44″N 85°05′33″W / 39.112222°N 85.092500°W / 39.112222; -85.092500 (Carnegie Hall of Moores Hill College)
Moores Hill
5 Dearborn County Asylum for the Poor
Dearborn County Asylum for the Poor
September 22, 2000
11636 County Farm Rd., northwest of Aurora
39°09′02″N 85°02′03″W / 39.150556°N 85.034167°W / 39.150556; -85.034167 (Dearborn County Asylum for the Poor)
Manchester Township
6 Dearborn County Courthouse
Dearborn County Courthouse
April 9, 1981
High and Mary Sts.
39°05′28″N 84°51′00″W / 39.091111°N 84.850000°W / 39.091111; -84.850000 (Dearborn County Courthouse)
7 Downtown Aurora Historic District
Downtown Aurora Historic District
September 8, 1994
Bounded by Importing, Water, Market, 5th, and Exporting Sts.
39°03′22″N 84°54′05″W / 39.056111°N 84.901389°W / 39.056111; -84.901389 (Downtown Aurora Historic District)
8 Downtown Lawrenceburg Historic District
Downtown Lawrenceburg Historic District
March 1, 1984
Roughly bounded by the former Conrail railroad line and Charlotte, Tate, Williams, and Elm Sts.
39°05′36″N 84°50′55″W / 39.093333°N 84.848611°W / 39.093333; -84.848611 (Downtown Lawrenceburg Historic District)
11042 St. Rd. 56, Lighthouse Point Yacht Club
39°01′51″N 84°52′45″W / 39.0307°N 84.8792°W / 39.0307; -84.8792 (ELIZABETH LEA-JOSEPH THROCKMORTON (Towboat))
Aurora vicinity
10 First Evangelical United Church of Christ
First Evangelical United Church of Christ
September 23, 1994
111 5th St.
39°03′11″N 84°53′56″W / 39.052917°N 84.898889°W / 39.052917; -84.898889 (First Evangelical United Church of Christ)
11 First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
September 8, 1994
215 4th St.
39°03′15″N 84°54′02″W / 39.054167°N 84.900556°W / 39.054167; -84.900556 (First Presbyterian Church)
12 George Street Bridge
George Street Bridge
March 1, 1984
George, Main, and Importing Sts.
39°03′28″N 84°53′58″W / 39.057778°N 84.899444°W / 39.057778; -84.899444 (George Street Bridge)
13 Hamline Chapel, United Methodist Church
Hamline Chapel, United Methodist Church
September 9, 1982
High and Vine Sts.
39°05′30″N 84°50′54″W / 39.091667°N 84.848333°W / 39.091667; -84.848333 (Hamline Chapel, United Methodist Church)
14 Hillforest (Forest Hill)
Hillforest (Forest Hill)
August 5, 1971
213 5th St.
39°03′12″N 84°54′04″W / 39.053333°N 84.901111°W / 39.053333; -84.901111 (Hillforest (Forest Hill))
15 Lewis Hurlbert, Sr. House
Lewis Hurlbert, Sr. House
November 25, 1994
412 5th St.
39°03′16″N 84°54′13″W / 39.054583°N 84.903511°W / 39.054583; -84.903511 (Lewis Hurlbert, Sr. House)
16 Jennison Guard Site
Jennison Guard Site
May 12, 1975
Between a rail line and the Ohio River, just west of the mouth of the Great Miami River and northeast of Lawrenceburg[6]
39°06′32″N 84°49′30″W / 39.108889°N 84.825000°W / 39.108889; -84.825000 (Jennison Guard Site)
Lawrenceburg Township
17 Laughery Creek Bridge
Laughery Creek Bridge
September 29, 1976
South of Aurora west of State Road 56
39°01′28″N 84°53′09″W / 39.024444°N 84.885833°W / 39.024444; -84.885833 (Laughery Creek Bridge)
Center Township Extends into Ohio County
18 Leive, Parks and Stapp Opera House
Leive, Parks and Stapp Opera House
September 20, 1994
321-325 2nd St.
39°03′23″N 84°54′03″W / 39.056389°N 84.900833°W / 39.056389; -84.900833 (Leive, Parks and Stapp Opera House)
19 Daniel S. Major House
Daniel S. Major House
December 23, 2003
761 W. Eads Parkway
39°05′21″N 84°52′35″W / 39.089167°N 84.876389°W / 39.089167; -84.876389 (Daniel S. Major House)
20 Moore's Hill United Methodist Church
Moore's Hill United Methodist Church
December 15, 1997
13476 Main St.
39°06′47″N 85°05′16″W / 39.113056°N 85.087778°W / 39.113056; -85.087778 (Moore's Hill United Methodist Church)
Moores Hill
21 River View Cemetery
River View Cemetery
December 31, 2013
3635 E. Laughery Creek Rd., south of Aurora
39°01′33″N 84°53′16″W / 39.025833°N 84.887778°W / 39.025833; -84.887778 (River View Cemetery)
Center Township
22 St. John's Lutheran Church and School
St. John's Lutheran Church and School
March 29, 1996
7291 State Road 62, southwest of Dillsboro
38°58′36″N 85°06′10″W / 38.976667°N 85.102778°W / 38.976667; -85.102778 (St. John's Lutheran Church and School)
Caesar Creek Township
23 Levi Stevens House
Levi Stevens House
May 30, 1996
122 5th St.
39°03′12″N 84°53′58″W / 39.053333°N 84.899444°W / 39.053333; -84.899444 (Levi Stevens House)
24 State Line Archeological District
State Line Archeological District
July 24, 1975
Straddling the Ohio/Indiana border, 2 miles (3.2 km) north of the Ohio River[7]
39°08′15″N 84°49′12″W / 39.137500°N 84.820000°W / 39.137500; -84.820000 (State Line Archeological District)
Greendale Extends into Hamilton County, Ohio
25 Dr. George Sutton Medical Office Building
Dr. George Sutton Medical Office Building
September 8, 1994
315 3rd St.
39°03′19″N 84°54′06″W / 39.055278°N 84.901528°W / 39.055278; -84.901528 (Dr. George Sutton Medical Office Building)
26 Vance-Tousey House
Vance-Tousey House
December 28, 2000
508 W. High St.
39°05′20″N 84°51′07″W / 39.088889°N 84.851944°W / 39.088889; -84.851944 (Vance-Tousey House)
27 Veraestau
April 11, 1973
1 mile south of Aurora on State Road 56
39°02′33″N 84°53′44″W / 39.042500°N 84.8955556°W / 39.042500; -84.8955556 (Veraestau)
Center Township

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