National Register of Historic Places listings in Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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Location of Fayette County in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a map.[1]

There are 68 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Four sites are further designated as National Historic Landmarks. One is also designated as a National Historic Site and another is designated as a National Battlefield.

          This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted August 5, 2022.[2]

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Current listings[edit]

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location Municipality Description
1 Alliance Furnace
Alliance Furnace
September 6, 1991
Off Township 568 at Jacob's Creek, northeast of Perryopolis
40°06′45″N 79°43′03″W / 40.1125°N 79.7175°W / 40.1125; -79.7175 (Alliance Furnace)
Perry Township Ruins of a 1789 iron furnace, the first such structure west of the Appalachian Mountains.
2 Bowman's Castle
Bowman's Castle
March 3, 1975
Front Street
40°01′21″N 79°53′02″W / 40.0225°N 79.883889°W / 40.0225; -79.883889 (Bowman's Castle)
Brownsville Commonly known as Nemacolin Castle, a 1750s trading post turned mid-19th Century mansion, with a colorful Underground Railroad history.
3 Brier Hill
Brier Hill
July 2, 1973
On U.S. Route 40 at Brier Hill
39°58′46″N 79°49′49″W / 39.979444°N 79.830278°W / 39.979444; -79.830278 (Brier Hill)
Redstone Township Well preserved example of a turn-of-the-20th Century coal mining community.
4 Brown-Moore Blacksmith Shop
Brown-Moore Blacksmith Shop
May 7, 1992
0.1 miles (0.16 km) west of Pennsylvania Route 4020
39°58′22″N 79°53′13″W / 39.972778°N 79.886944°W / 39.972778; -79.886944 (Brown-Moore Blacksmith Shop)
Luzerne Township Early 19th Century blacksmith shop and general store.
5 Brownsville Bridge
Brownsville Bridge
June 22, 1988
State Route 4025 over the Monongahela River
40°01′20″N 79°53′26″W / 40.022222°N 79.890556°W / 40.022222; -79.890556 (Brownsville Bridge)
Brownsville 1914 Pennsylvania truss style bridge. Extends into Washington County
6 Brownsville Commercial Historic District
Brownsville Commercial Historic District
August 2, 1993
105–128 Brownsville Avenue and 1–145 Market, 101–200 High, 2–6 Water, 100 Charles, 1 Seneca, and 108 Bank Streets
40°01′17″N 79°53′13″W / 40.021389°N 79.886944°W / 40.021389; -79.886944 (Brownsville Commercial Historic District)
Brownsville An assortment of 55 commercial buildings, constructed between the 1870s and the 1930s. Although now mostly vacant, the structure reflect the community's prominence as a business center within the industrial Monongahela Valley.
7 Brownsville Northside Historic District
Brownsville Northside Historic District
August 2, 1993
Roughly bounded by Front Street, Broadway, Shaffner Road, and Baltimore Street
40°01′19″N 79°52′51″W / 40.021944°N 79.880833°W / 40.021944; -79.880833 (Brownsville Northside Historic District)
Brownsville Collection of 230 structures from the 19th and early 20th Centuries, a reflection of the town's history as an important stop on the National Road. Federal, Greek Revival, and Colonial Revival styles are prominent.
8 Carnegie Free Library
Carnegie Free Library
October 8, 1981
South Pittsburgh Street
40°00′56″N 79°35′19″W / 40.015556°N 79.588611°W / 40.015556; -79.588611 (Carnegie Free Library)
Connellsville 1903 Italianate structure, part of the Carnegie library system.
9 Philip G. Cochran Memorial United Methodist Church
Philip G. Cochran Memorial United Methodist Church
June 4, 1984
Howell and Griscom Streets
40°02′49″N 79°39′17″W / 40.046944°N 79.654722°W / 40.046944; -79.654722 (Philip G. Cochran Memorial United Methodist Church)
Dawson Built in the Gothic revival style, 1927 church is designed to mimic a 14th Century English parish.
10 Abel Colley Tavern
Abel Colley Tavern
November 27, 1995
U.S. Route 40, approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) west of Searights Crossroads
39°57′34″N 79°49′01″W / 39.959444°N 79.816944°W / 39.959444; -79.816944 (Abel Colley Tavern)
Menallen Township 1835 tavern from the National Road era.
11 Peter Colley Tavern and Barn
Peter Colley Tavern and Barn
July 24, 1973
On U.S. Route 40 at Brier Hill
39°58′49″N 79°49′53″W / 39.980278°N 79.831389°W / 39.980278; -79.831389 (Peter Colley Tavern and Barn)
Redstone Township 1796 tavern from the National Road era, and adjoining early 19th Century farmhouse and out buildings.
12 Colonial National Bank Building
Colonial National Bank Building
November 15, 2002
101 East Crawford Avenue
40°01′03″N 79°35′21″W / 40.017556°N 79.589056°W / 40.017556; -79.589056 (Colonial National Bank Building)
Connellsville Greek revival structure from 1906, which is still in active use as an office building.
13 John P. Conn House
John P. Conn House
July 28, 1988
84 Ben Lomond Street
39°54′13″N 79°44′03″W / 39.903611°N 79.734167°W / 39.903611; -79.734167 (John P. Conn House)
Uniontown Well-preserved 1906 Colonial revival home, dating to the age of the "coal barons."
14 Connellsville Armory
Connellsville Armory
November 14, 1991
108 West Washington Street
40°00′41″N 79°35′24″W / 40.011389°N 79.59°W / 40.011389; -79.59 (Connellsville Armory)
Connellsville 1907 Gothic Revival complex, which served as a National Guard drilling station for nearly a century.
15 Connellsville Union Passenger Depot
Connellsville Union Passenger Depot
March 29, 1996
900 West Crawford Avenue
40°00′59″N 79°35′58″W / 40.016389°N 79.599444°W / 40.016389; -79.599444 (Connellsville Union Passenger Depot)
Connellsville 1913 train station from the legendary Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad.
16 Col. Edward Cook House
Col. Edward Cook House
March 29, 1978
East of Belle Vernon
40°07′37″N 79°49′38″W / 40.126944°N 79.827222°W / 40.126944; -79.827222 (Col. Edward Cook House)
Washington Township Traditional rural American home constructed in 1776 and occupied by the same family for 200 years.
17 Dawson Historic District
Dawson Historic District
November 5, 1997
Roughly bounded by Howell Street, Middle Alley, the Youghiogheny River, River Road, and Spring and Locust Alleys
40°02′48″N 79°39′31″W / 40.046667°N 79.658611°W / 40.046667; -79.658611 (Dawson Historic District)
Dawson Features 107 structures of varying styles, many of which were building during the coal boom of the early 20th Century.
18 Deffenbaugh Site (36FA57)
Deffenbaugh Site (36FA57)
May 14, 1984
On a saddle between two hills, along Old Frame Rd.[5]
39°48′07″N 79°51′36″W / 39.802000°N 79.860000°W / 39.802000; -79.860000 (Deffenbaugh Site (36FA57))
Nicholson Township Excavatory site of an ancient village of the Monongahela culture.
19 John S. Douglas House
John S. Douglas House
February 4, 1994
136 North Gallatin Avenue
39°54′17″N 79°43′23″W / 39.904722°N 79.723056°W / 39.904722; -79.723056 (John S. Douglas House)
Uniontown Now a funeral home, 1901 mansion displays Richardsonian Romanesque style.
20 Downer Tavern
Downer Tavern
November 27, 1995
U.S. Route 40 at Chalkhill
39°50′38″N 79°37′03″W / 39.843889°N 79.6175°W / 39.843889; -79.6175 (Downer Tavern)
Wharton Township 1826 tavern was a stop on the National Road.
21 Dunlap's Creek Bridge
Dunlap's Creek Bridge
July 31, 1978
Spans Dunlap Creek
40°01′17″N 79°53′18″W / 40.021389°N 79.888333°W / 40.021389; -79.888333 (Dunlap's Creek Bridge)
Brownsville An active 1839 structure, it stands as the first cast iron bridge ever constructed in the United States.
22 Fallingwater
July 23, 1974
West of Pennsylvania Route 381
39°54′24″N 79°28′05″W / 39.906667°N 79.468056°W / 39.906667; -79.468056 (Fallingwater)
Stewart Township The preeminent Frank Lloyd Wright home, constructed over a waterfall in 1937, and named by the Smithsonian as one of the "Top 28 Places to Visit Before You Die."
23 Fayette-Springs Hotel
Fayette-Springs Hotel
November 27, 1995
U.S. Route 40, approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) east of Chalk Hill
39°50′26″N 79°36′36″W / 39.840556°N 79.61°W / 39.840556; -79.61 (Fayette-Springs Hotel)
Wharton Township 1822 inn on the National Road continues to operate as a restaurant.
24 Fort Necessity National Battlefield
Fort Necessity National Battlefield
October 15, 1966
11 miles (18 km) east of Uniontown on U.S. Route 40
39°49′07″N 79°35′37″W / 39.818611°N 79.593611°W / 39.818611; -79.593611 (Fort Necessity National Battlefield)
Wharton Township Site of the 1754 French & Indian War battle in with 22 year old George Washington suffered his only defeat as a commanding officer. Also included on this property is the gravesite of British General Edward Braddock, who was killed in a nearby skirmish in 1755.
25 Francis Farm Petroglyphs Site (36FA35)
Francis Farm Petroglyphs Site (36FA35)
May 10, 1984
Off Perry Road, 1 mile (1.6 km) west of the junction of Pennsylvania Routes 51 and 201[6]
40°03′00″N 79°47′30″W / 40.050000°N 79.791667°W / 40.050000; -79.791667 (Francis Farm Petroglyphs Site (36FA35))
Jefferson Township Well preserved collection of Woodland period petroglyphs.
26 Josiah Frost House
Josiah Frost House
October 24, 1996
Southern side of U.S. Route 40, west of Searight's Corners
39°57′18″N 79°48′21″W / 39.955°N 79.805833°W / 39.955; -79.805833 (Josiah Frost House)
Menallen Township 1822 Federal style structure was a stop on the National Road.
27 Thomas Gaddis Homestead
Thomas Gaddis Homestead
April 26, 1974
South of Uniontown off U.S. Route 119
39°52′02″N 79°44′39″W / 39.867222°N 79.744167°W / 39.867222; -79.744167 (Thomas Gaddis Homestead)
South Union Township Oldest structure in Fayette County and the second oldest log cabin located in Western Pennsylvania.
28 Gallatin School
Gallatin School
July 23, 1998
165 N. Gallatin Avenue
39°54′24″N 79°43′21″W / 39.906667°N 79.7225°W / 39.906667; -79.7225 (Gallatin School)
Uniontown Former school building was building 1908 in the Classical revival style.
29 Albert Gallatin House; Friendship Hill National Historic Site
Albert Gallatin House; Friendship Hill National Historic Site
October 15, 1966
3 miles (4.8 km) north of Point Marion on Pennsylvania Route 166
39°46′39″N 79°55′36″W / 39.7775°N 79.926667°W / 39.7775; -79.926667 (Albert Gallatin House; Friendship Hill National Historic Site)
Springhill Township Contains the estate and 1789 home of early American statesman Albert Gallatin.
30 Isaac Newton Hagan House
Isaac Newton Hagan House
May 16, 2000
723 Kentuck Road
39°52′06″N 79°31′21″W / 39.868333°N 79.5225°W / 39.868333; -79.5225 (Isaac Newton Hagan House)
Stewart Township Commonly known as Kentuck Knob, a 1956 Frank Lloyd Wright home, which is nestled into a rocky outcropping.
31 Hopwood-Miller Tavern
Hopwood-Miller Tavern
November 27, 1995
U.S. Route 40 (Main Street) in Hopwood
39°52′37″N 79°42′47″W / 39.876944°N 79.713056°W / 39.876944; -79.713056 (Hopwood-Miller Tavern)
South Union Township National Road tavern dates to 1816.
32 Johnson-Hatfield Tavern
Johnson-Hatfield Tavern
November 27, 1995
U.S. Route 40, 0.5 miles (0.80 km) east of Brier Hill
39°58′20″N 79°49′27″W / 39.972222°N 79.824167°W / 39.972222; -79.824167 (Johnson-Hatfield Tavern)
Redstone Township Built in 1817 as an inn on the National Road.
33 Karolcik Building
Karolcik Building
October 24, 1997
115–117 South Liberty Street
40°05′12″N 79°45′05″W / 40.086667°N 79.751389°W / 40.086667; -79.751389 (Karolcik Building)
Perryopolis Ornate 1921 structure built as a single screen movie theater now houses various small businesses.
34 Hugh Laughlin House
Hugh Laughlin House
April 30, 1987
Township Route 422 south of Brownsville
39°59′53″N 79°50′28″W / 39.998056°N 79.841111°W / 39.998056; -79.841111 (Hugh Laughlin House)
Redstone Township Farmhouse was constructed in the Georgian style.
35 Layton Bridge
Layton Bridge
June 22, 1988
Legislative Route 26191 over the Youghiogheny River at Layton
40°05′21″N 79°43′49″W / 40.089167°N 79.730278°W / 40.089167; -79.730278 (Layton Bridge)
Perry Township 1899 Pratt truss railroad bridge, which, since 1933, has served automobiles. Featured prominently in The Silence of the Lambs.
36 Linden Hall at Saint James Park
Linden Hall at Saint James Park
October 11, 1989
RR 26051 northwest of Dawson
40°04′01″N 79°41′45″W / 40.066944°N 79.695833°W / 40.066944; -79.695833 (Linden Hall at Saint James Park)
Lower Tyrone Township 1911 Tudor mansion is currently part of a country club.
37 Locus 7 Site
Locus 7 Site
March 20, 1980
On a bluff above Downers Run north of Fayette City, 2,000 feet (610 m) east of the Monongahela River[7]
40°06′24″N 79°50′13″W / 40.106667°N 79.836944°W / 40.106667; -79.836944 (Locus 7 Site)
Washington Township Archaeological site, which contains an ancient Monongahela village.
38 Marion Bridge
Marion Bridge
June 22, 1988
Pennsylvania Route 88 over the Monongahela River
39°44′22″N 79°54′19″W / 39.739444°N 79.905278°W / 39.739444; -79.905278 (Marion Bridge)
Point Marion 1930 cantilevered truss bridge. Demolished November 16, 2009.[8] Extended into Greene County.
39 Dr. J.C. McClenathan House and Office
Dr. J.C. McClenathan House and Office
November 15, 2002
134 South Pittsburgh Street
40°01′01″N 79°35′23″W / 40.016944°N 79.589722°W / 40.016944; -79.589722 (Dr. J.C. McClenathan House and Office)
Connellsville Medical office displays eclectic mix of Romanesque and Queen Anne architectural styles.
40 Isaac Meason House
Isaac Meason House
January 25, 1971
U.S. Route 119 North in Mount Braddock
39°57′15″N 79°38′54″W / 39.954167°N 79.648333°W / 39.954167; -79.648333 (Isaac Meason House)
Dunbar Township Commonly known as Mount Braddock, 1802 mansion is one of two standing in the country that exhibit the Palladian stone-cut style.
41 Monroe Tavern
Monroe Tavern
November 27, 1995
U.S. Route 40 (Main Street) in Hopwood
39°52′32″N 79°42′05″W / 39.875556°N 79.701389°W / 39.875556; -79.701389 (Monroe Tavern)
South Union Township 1825 National Road tavern reflects adoption of Early Republic style construction.
42 Morris-Hair Tavern
Morris-Hair Tavern
November 27, 1995
U.S. Route 40 (Main Street) in Hopwood
39°52′25″N 79°42′00″W / 39.873611°N 79.7°W / 39.873611; -79.7 (Morris-Hair Tavern)
South Union Township A former National Road inn, structure was built in 1818.
43 Mount Vernon Furnace
Mount Vernon Furnace
September 6, 1991
Entsey Road east of Pennsylvania Route 982, east of Scottdale
40°05′45″N 79°30′38″W / 40.095833°N 79.510556°W / 40.095833; -79.510556 (Mount Vernon Furnace)
Bullskin Township Traditional iron blast furnace was in operation from 1795 to 1825.
44 New Geneva Historic District
New Geneva Historic District
August 28, 1996
Roughly bounded by Front Street east from Church Lane, Georges Creek, and the Monongahela River
39°47′11″N 79°54′49″W / 39.786389°N 79.913611°W / 39.786389; -79.913611 (New Geneva Historic District)
Nicholson Township Features 29 buildings in the Federal and Queen Anne style. Documents evolution of small industrial town founded by Albert Gallatin that specialized in pottery manufacturing until the early 20th Century.
45 Peter and Jonathan Newmyer Farm
Peter and Jonathan Newmyer Farm
July 23, 1998
3165 Richey Road
40°04′35″N 79°33′32″W / 40.076389°N 79.558889°W / 40.076389; -79.558889 (Peter and Jonathan Newmyer Farm)
Bullskin Township Comprises 8 structures from the 18th and 19th Century, including a traditional German-style bank barn.
46 Adam Clarke Nutt Mansion
Adam Clarke Nutt Mansion
October 25, 1990
26 Nutt Avenue
39°53′56″N 79°44′09″W / 39.898889°N 79.735833°W / 39.898889; -79.735833 (Adam Clarke Nutt Mansion)
Uniontown Mansion dates to the "coal baron" era and exhibits hallmarks of the Queen Anne and Second Empire building styles.
47 Oak Hill Estate
Oak Hill Estate
May 12, 1999
U.S. Route 40, 0.25 miles (0.40 km) west of U.S. Route 119
39°54′54″N 79°44′26″W / 39.915°N 79.740556°W / 39.915; -79.740556 (Oak Hill Estate)
North Union Township Classical revival mansion from the "coal baron" era is now part of the Mount Saint Macrina monastery.
48 Penn-Craft Historic District
Penn-Craft Historic District
May 18, 1989
Roughly bounded by Legislative Route 4020 and Township Routes 326 and 549
39°57′33″N 79°54′45″W / 39.959167°N 79.9125°W / 39.959167; -79.9125 (Penn-Craft Historic District)
Luzerne Township Contains 108 structures dating to the founding of the village as a self-contained, self-reliant community of miners facing poverty and unemployment during the Great Depression.
49 Providence Quaker Cemetery and Chapel
Providence Quaker Cemetery and Chapel
October 24, 1997
Junction of Legislative Routes 4036 and 4038 West
40°04′22″N 79°46′56″W / 40.072778°N 79.782222°W / 40.072778; -79.782222 (Providence Quaker Cemetery and Chapel)
Perry Township 1895 stone church, which features many early 19th Century gravestones in the adjacent yard.
50 Andrew Rabb House
Andrew Rabb House
November 12, 1992
Off Pennsylvania Route 166 north of Masontown
39°52′15″N 79°54′27″W / 39.870833°N 79.9075°W / 39.870833; -79.9075 (Andrew Rabb House)
German Township Georgian home was constructed in 1773 by a prominent whiskey distiller.
51 Rush House
Rush House
March 8, 1978
U.S. Route 40 and Pennsylvania Route 381 in Farmington
39°48′26″N 79°33′58″W / 39.8072°N 79.5661°W / 39.8072; -79.5661 (Rush House)
Wharton Township A tavern from the National Road era, structure was completed in 1837.
52 St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church
St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church
November 7, 1997
504 South Liberty Street
40°04′55″N 79°45′08″W / 40.081944°N 79.752222°W / 40.081944; -79.752222 (St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church)
Perryopolis Finished in 1918, church exhibits the Byzantine revival style.
53 St. Peter's Church
St. Peter's Church
October 15, 1980
Church Street
40°01′21″N 79°52′39″W / 40.0225°N 79.8775°W / 40.0225; -79.8775 (St. Peter's Church)
Brownsville Contains the oldest continuously operating congregation of any faith in Western Pennsylvania. Current structure built in 1843 and is in elaborate cathedral, designed to serve as a potential diocesan seat.
54 Searight's Fulling Mill
Searight's Fulling Mill
June 19, 1973
Cemetery Road
40°05′01″N 79°44′42″W / 40.083611°N 79.745°W / 40.083611; -79.745 (Searight's Fulling Mill)
Perryopolis 1810 structure is representative of small, highly localized manufacturing facilities in early industrial era.
55 Searights Tollhouse, National Road
Searights Tollhouse, National Road
October 15, 1966
West of Uniontown off U.S. Route 40
39°56′50″N 79°47′40″W / 39.947222°N 79.794444°W / 39.947222; -79.794444 (Searights Tollhouse, National Road)
Menallen Township 1834 toll collection site along the National Road, operated as one of six such structures in Pennsylvania until 1905.
56 Shoaf Historic District
Shoaf Historic District
June 3, 1994
Roughly bounded by 1–170 First Street, Second Street, processing buildings, and the bank of coke ovens
39°50′31″N 79°48′32″W / 39.841944°N 79.808889°W / 39.841944; -79.808889 (Shoaf Historic District)
Georges Township Consists of 39 structures, including shuttered coke ovens and traditional miners' duplexes, which would previously have been owned by the mine operator.
57 Smock Historic District
Smock Historic District
June 3, 1994
Roughly bounded by Redstone Cemetery, Colonial Mine No. 1, Smock Hill, Colonial Mine No. 2, and Redstone Creek at Smock
39°59′58″N 79°47′05″W / 39.999444°N 79.784722°W / 39.999444; -79.784722 (Smock Historic District)
Franklin and Menallen Townships Contains 177 structures in this former company town, including duplexes built for mine employees and detached homes constructed for supervisors.
58 Springer Farm
Springer Farm
July 23, 1982
Pennsylvania Route 51, northwest of Uniontown
39°55′08″N 79°44′33″W / 39.918889°N 79.7425°W / 39.918889; -79.7425 (Springer Farm)
North Union Township Brick farmhouse dates to 1817.
59 Star Junction Historic District
Star Junction Historic District
October 24, 1997
Roughly the junction of Pennsylvania Route 51 and Legislative Route 4036, including Post Office Road, Church Street, Pennsylvania Route 532, and Old Ridge Road
40°03′42″N 79°45′43″W / 40.061667°N 79.761944°W / 40.061667; -79.761944 (Star Junction Historic District)
Perry Township Preserves 163 structures, mainly miners' duplexes and detached supervisor's quarters, documenting life in a traditional coal company town.
60 Summit Hotel
Summit Hotel
February 15, 2005
101 Skyline Drive
39°51′06″N 79°39′28″W / 39.851667°N 79.657778°W / 39.851667; -79.657778 (Summit Hotel)
North Union and South Union Townships Opened in 1907 in the Mission revival style, hotel contains to operate on a scenic crest.
61 Temple Ohave Israel
Temple Ohave Israel
February 2, 2016
210 2nd St.
40°01′14″N 79°53′26″W / 40.020556°N 79.890556°W / 40.020556; -79.890556 (Temple Ohave Israel)
62 Thomas H. Thompson House
Thomas H. Thompson House
February 24, 1995
815 Water Street
40°01′12″N 79°53′46″W / 40.02°N 79.896111°W / 40.02; -79.896111 (Thomas H. Thompson House)
Brownsville Built in 1906, Spanish revival mansion dates to the "coal baron" era.
63 Uniontown Downtown Historic District
Uniontown Downtown Historic District
May 19, 1989
Roughly Main Street between Court Street and Mill Street
39°54′04″N 79°43′33″W / 39.901111°N 79.725833°W / 39.901111; -79.725833 (Uniontown Downtown Historic District)
Uniontown Features 113 buildings from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Intricate apartment and office buildings ranging from the Classical revival to the Art moderne styles, as well as the imposing Romanesque courthouse, reflect the wealth generated by coal mining and coke production.
64 US Post Office-Connellsville
US Post Office-Connellsville
June 24, 1993
115 North Arch Street
40°00′58″N 79°35′23″W / 40.016111°N 79.589722°W / 40.016111; -79.589722 (US Post Office-Connellsville)
Connellsville 1913 post office exemplifies handsome Colonial revival style of era's governmental buildings.
65 Wallace-Baily Tavern
Wallace-Baily Tavern
November 27, 1995
U.S. Route 40, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) west of Brier Hill
39°59′36″N 79°51′05″W / 39.993333°N 79.851389°W / 39.993333; -79.851389 (Wallace-Baily Tavern)
Redstone Township 1840 National Road era tavern contains expressive Greek portico.
66 Wharton Furnace
Wharton Furnace
September 6, 1991
Wharton Furnace-Hull Road south of U.S. Route 40, southeast of Hopwood
39°49′32″N 79°38′18″W / 39.825556°N 79.638333°W / 39.825556; -79.638333 (Wharton Furnace)
Wharton Township Traditional blast furnace was used in iron production from 1839 to 1850.
67 Whitsett Historic District
Whitsett Historic District
July 21, 1995
Roughly bounded by the Youghiogheny River, the former Elwell Branch of the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie railroad tracks, and Elwell Run, at Whitsett
40°06′22″N 79°46′21″W / 40.106111°N 79.7725°W / 40.106111; -79.7725 (Whitsett Historic District)
Perry Township Includes 48 structures from the community's founding as a coal mining company town, particularly wood frame duplex homes.
68 Youghiogheny Bank of Pennsylvania
Youghiogheny Bank of Pennsylvania
October 24, 1997
South Liberty Street, south of Washington Diamond
40°05′12″N 79°45′03″W / 40.086667°N 79.750833°W / 40.086667; -79.750833 (Youghiogheny Bank of Pennsylvania)
Perryopolis Utilitarian 1817 stone structure once held the first formal bank in Western Pennsylvania.

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards.
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  4. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.
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