National Register of Historic Places listings in Greenwich, Connecticut

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This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Greenwich, Connecticut.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Greenwich. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.[1]

There are 286 properties and districts listed on the National Register in Fairfield County. This list covers the 34 properties located partially or entirely in Greenwich. Ones in Bridgeport or Stamford are covered in National Register of Historic Places listings in Bridgeport, Connecticut, or in National Register of Historic Places listings in Stamford, Connecticut. The remainder are covered in National Register of Historic Places listings in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Current listings[edit]

[2] Name on the Register[3] Image Date listed[4] Location Description
1 Bush-Holley House
Bush-Holley House
December 1, 1988
39 Strickland Rd., in Cos Cob[5]:2
41°02′17″N 73°35′41″W / 41.038056°N 73.594722°W / 41.038056; -73.594722 (Bush-Holley House)
Home of Cos Cob Art Colony, c.1890-1920. Current headquarters and museum of the Greenwich Historical Society.
2 Byram School
Byram School
August 2, 1990
Between Sherman Ave. and Western Junior Highway, in Byram[6]:3
41°00′46″N 73°39′13″W / 41.012778°N 73.653611°W / 41.012778; -73.653611 (Byram School)
"Exceptional" for its architecture.[7]
3 Cos Cob Power Station
Cos Cob Power Station
August 2, 1990
Roughly bounded by Metro North railroad tracks, the Mianus River, and Sound Shore Dr.
41°01′46″N 73°35′50″W / 41.029444°N 73.597222°W / 41.029444; -73.597222 (Cos Cob Power Station)
Significant for its role in the first mainline railroad electrification in the United States. It was the largest component in an enormous scale experiment to implement AC power in railroad power, part of complying with a 1903 New York State law prohibiting steam locomotives in New York City.[8] The building was demolished in 2001, but is still listed.
4 Cos Cob Railroad Station
Cos Cob Railroad Station
July 28, 1989
55 Station Dr.
41°01′47″N 73°36′02″W / 41.029722°N 73.600556°W / 41.029722; -73.600556 (Cos Cob Railroad Station)
A working train station
5 Samuel Ferris House
Samuel Ferris House
August 10, 1989
1 Cary St., in Riverside
41°02′32″N 73°35′19″W / 41.042194°N 73.588639°W / 41.042194; -73.588639 (Samuel Ferris House)
6 Fourth Ward Historic District
Fourth Ward Historic District
April 21, 2000
Roughly along Church, Division, Northfield and William Sts.; and Putnam Court and Sherwood Place in downtown Greenwich
41°02′06″N 73°37′40″W / 41.035°N 73.627778°W / 41.035; -73.627778 (Fourth Ward Historic District)
7 French Farm
French Farm
April 3, 1975
North of downtown Greenwich at the junction of Lake Ave. and Round Hill Rd.
41°03′07″N 73°38′24″W / 41.051944°N 73.64°W / 41.051944; -73.64 (French Farm)
8 Glenville Historic District
Glenville Historic District
March 9, 2007
Roughly along Glen Ridge Rd., Glenville Rd., Glenville St., Pemberwick Rd., Riversville Rd., and Weaver St.
41°02′17″N 73°39′53″W / 41.038056°N 73.664722°W / 41.038056; -73.664722 (Glenville Historic District)
9 Glenville School
Glenville School
November 21, 2003
449 Pemberwick Rd., in the Glenville Historic District[9]
41°02′12″N 73°39′52″W / 41.036667°N 73.664444°W / 41.036667; -73.664444 (Glenville School)
1921 school by James O. Betelle is only T-shaped Georgian Revival school in Greenwich. Now West Greenwich Civic Center.
10 Great Captain Island Lighthouse
Great Captain Island Lighthouse
April 3, 1991
Great Captain Island, southwest of Greenwich Point
40°58′57″N 73°37′26″W / 40.9825°N 73.623889°W / 40.9825; -73.623889 (Great Captain Island Lighthouse)
11 Greenwich Avenue Historic District
Greenwich Avenue Historic District
August 31, 1989
Roughly bounded by Railroad, Arch, Field Point, W. Elm, Greenwich, Putnam, Mason, Havemeyer, and Bruce, in downtown Greenwich
41°01′33″N 73°37′36″W / 41.025833°N 73.626667°W / 41.025833; -73.626667 (Greenwich Avenue Historic District)
12 Greenwich Municipal Center Historic District
Greenwich Municipal Center Historic District
July 26, 1988
101 Field Point Rd., 290, 299, 310 Greenwich Ave., in downtown Greenwich
41°01′29″N 73°37′37″W / 41.024722°N 73.626944°W / 41.024722; -73.626944 (Greenwich Municipal Center Historic District)
13 Greenwich Town Hall
Greenwich Town Hall
May 21, 1987
299 Greenwich Ave., in downtown Greenwich
41°01′30″N 73°37′32″W / 41.025°N 73.625556°W / 41.025; -73.625556 (Greenwich Town Hall)
14 Greenwich YMCA
Greenwich YMCA
November 7, 1996
50 E. Putnam Ave., in downtown Greenwich[10]:2
41°01′55″N 73°37′32″W / 41.031944°N 73.625556°W / 41.031944; -73.625556 (Greenwich YMCA)
15 Indian Harbor Yacht Club
Indian Harbor Yacht Club
July 22, 2010
710 Steamboat Rd.
41°00′42″N 73°37′22″W / 41.011667°N 73.622778°W / 41.011667; -73.622778 (Indian Harbor Yacht Club)
16 Knapp Tavern
Knapp Tavern
September 15, 1977
243 E. Putnam Ave.
41°02′13″N 73°37′10″W / 41.036944°N 73.619444°W / 41.036944; -73.619444 (Knapp Tavern)
17 Little Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Little Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
October 12, 2010
44 Lake Ave.
41°02′00″N 73°37′45″W / 41.033333°N 73.629167°W / 41.033333; -73.629167 (Little Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church)
18 Thomas Lyon House
Thomas Lyon House
August 24, 1977
W. Putnam Ave. and Byram Rd.
41°00′52″N 73°39′16″W / 41.014444°N 73.654444°W / 41.014444; -73.654444 (Thomas Lyon House)
19 Merritt Parkway
Merritt Parkway
April 17, 1991
Route 15 right-of-way between the New York state line and the Sikorsky Memorial Bridge
41°05′26″N 73°39′30″W / 41.090556°N 73.658333°W / 41.090556; -73.658333 (Merritt Parkway)
Historic parkway; also located in Stamford, New Canaan, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield, Trumbull, and Stratford
20 Methodist Episcopal Church
Methodist Episcopal Church
August 25, 1988
61 E. Putnam Ave.
41°01′58″N 73°37′35″W / 41.032778°N 73.626389°W / 41.032778; -73.626389 (Methodist Episcopal Church)
21 Mianus River Railroad Bridge
Mianus River Railroad Bridge
June 12, 1987
Metro-North New Haven Line right-of-way at the Mianus River
41°01′51″N 73°35′41″W / 41.030833°N 73.594722°W / 41.030833; -73.594722 (Mianus River Railroad Bridge)
22 Nathaniel Witherell Historic District
Nathaniel Witherell Historic District
June 9, 2010
70 Parsonage Rd.
41°03′41″N 73°37′37″W / 41.061508°N 73.626922°W / 41.061508; -73.626922 (Nathaniel Witherell Historic District)
23 New Mill and Depot Building, Hawthorne Woolen Mill
New Mill and Depot Building, Hawthorne Woolen Mill
February 23, 1990
350 Pemberwick Rd., in Glenville[11]
41°02′13″N 73°40′00″W / 41.036944°N 73.666667°W / 41.036944; -73.666667 (New Mill and Depot Building, Hawthorne Woolen Mill)
1875 mill and depot (accompanying railroad was never built) show unusually high style for functional buildings of that era. Now a retail/office complex.
24 Putnam Hill Historic District
Putnam Hill Historic District
August 24, 1979
U.S. Route 1 between Maple Ave and Old Church Rd
41°02′11″N 73°37′09″W / 41.036389°N 73.619167°W / 41.036389; -73.619167 (Putnam Hill Historic District)
25 River Road-Mead Avenue Historic District
River Road-Mead Avenue Historic District
April 28, 2014
Roughly along Mead Ave. & River Rd.
41°02′15″N 73°35′45″W / 41.0375°N 73.5958°W / 41.0375; -73.5958 (River Road-Mead Avenue Historic District)
26 Riverside Avenue Bridge
Riverside Avenue Bridge
August 29, 1977
Riverside Ave. and Metro-North New Haven Line railroad tracks
41°01′54″N 73°35′18″W / 41.031667°N 73.588333°W / 41.031667; -73.588333 (Riverside Avenue Bridge)
27 Rosemary Hall
Rosemary Hall
August 28, 1998
Junction of Ridgeway and Zaccheus Mead Ln. in the Rockridge neighborhood[12]:3
41°02′15″N 73°38′12″W / 41.0375°N 73.636667°W / 41.0375; -73.636667 (Rosemary Hall)
Former campus of Rosemary Hall School, now Carmel Academy and The Japanese School of New York.
28 Round Hill Historic District
Round Hill Historic District
July 25, 1996
Roughly the junction of John St. and Round Hill Rd., in the Back Country of Greenwich
41°05′44″N 73°40′10″W / 41.0956°N 73.6694°W / 41.0956; -73.6694 (Round Hill Historic District)
29 Sylvanus Selleck Gristmill
Sylvanus Selleck Gristmill
August 2, 1990
124 Old Mill Rd. in northern Greenwich[13]:10
41°05′31″N 73°39′33″W / 41.0919°N 73.6592°W / 41.0919; -73.6592 (Sylvanus Selleck Gristmill)
A 1796 gristmill.
30 Sound Beach Railroad Station
Sound Beach Railroad Station
July 28, 1989
160 Sound Beach Ave., in Old Greenwich
41°02′00″N 73°34′05″W / 41.033333°N 73.568056°W / 41.033333; -73.568056 (Sound Beach Railroad Station)
A working railroad station in the Old Greenwich (formerly called "Sound Beach") section of Greenwich
31 Strickland Road Historic District
Strickland Road Historic District
March 22, 1990
19-47 Strickland Rd. in Cos Cob[14]:2
41°02′06″N 73°36′03″W / 41.035°N 73.600833°W / 41.035; -73.600833 (Strickland Road Historic District)
32 US Post Office-Greenwich Main
US Post Office-Greenwich Main
January 16, 1986
310 Greenwich Ave., in downtown Greenwich
41°01′26″N 73°37′33″W / 41.023889°N 73.625833°W / 41.023889; -73.625833 (US Post Office-Greenwich Main)
33 William E. Ward House
William E. Ward House
November 7, 1976
Comly Ave. in Glenville[15]
41°01′34″N 73°40′03″W / 41.026111°N 73.6675°W / 41.026111; -73.6675 (William E. Ward House)
First reinforced concrete structure in U.S., built in the 1870s on state line, and extending into Rye Brook, New York
34 Josiah Wilcox House
Josiah Wilcox House
November 30, 1988
354 Riversville Rd. in the Riversville neighborhood[16]:2
41°03′51″N 73°40′32″W / 41.06425°N 73.675444°W / 41.06425; -73.675444 (Josiah Wilcox House)

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