National Register of Historic Places listings in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin

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Location of Kewaunee County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.[1]

There are 12 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Another property was once listed but has been removed.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted June 14, 2019.[2]
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Current listings[edit]

[3] Name on the Register[4] Image Date listed[5] Location City or town Description
1 AMERICA Shipwreck (Canaller) July 3, 2013
Four miles offshore in Lake Michigan
44°21′01″N 87°24′56″W / 44.350232°N 87.415667°W / 44.350232; -87.415667 (AMERICA Shipwreck (Canaller))
Lake Michigan 137-foot three-masted canaller (schooner built specifically to squeeze through the Welland Canal), built in 1873. She hauled grain and lumber east as far as New York state, and brought back coal. Sank in 1880 after hitting a scow full of stones.[6]
2 Ahnapee Brewery
Ahnapee Brewery
June 17, 1994
115 Navarino St.
44°36′35″N 87°26′07″W / 44.609722°N 87.435278°W / 44.609722; -87.435278 (Ahnapee Brewery)
Algoma Built in 1868, the building served as a brewery until 1890, then a warehouse, fly net factory, washing machine factory, feed storage, and now the Von Stiehl Winery.[7]
3 DANIEL LYONS (Shipwreck) October 3, 2007
E of Stoney Cr. outlet, 4 mi (6.4 km). offshore
44°40′21″N 87°17′43″W / 44.6725°N 87.295278°W / 44.6725; -87.295278 (DANIEL LYONS (Shipwreck))
Lake Michigan Three-masted schooner built in 1873. Sank in 1878 after being hit by another schooner, on a run from Chicago to New York.[8]
4 Art Dettman Fishing Shanty
Art Dettman Fishing Shanty
December 10, 1993
Church St. at the Ahnapee R.
44°36′35″N 87°26′02″W / 44.609722°N 87.433889°W / 44.609722; -87.433889 (Art Dettman Fishing Shanty)
Algoma Rambling building on the harbor built in 1935 to house a fishing business.[7]
5 George Halada Farmstead
George Halada Farmstead
February 11, 1993
E-1113 Co. Trunk Hwy. F, Montpelier Township
44°27′25″N 87°42′51″W / 44.456944°N 87.714167°W / 44.456944; -87.714167 (George Halada Farmstead)
Ellisville Largely intact farmstead from the 1870s. The oldest part of the Italianate house was built around 1878. Some of the log farm buildings are older.[9]
6 Kewaunee County Sheriff's Residence and Jail
Kewaunee County Sheriff's Residence and Jail
July 5, 1996
Court House Sq., jct. of Dodge and Vliet Sts.
44°27′23″N 87°30′18″W / 44.456405°N 87.504979°W / 44.456405; -87.504979 (Kewaunee County Sheriff's Residence and Jail)
Kewaunee 1876 Italianate building designed by William Waters. Now the museum of the Kewaunee County Historical Society.[10]
7 Kewaunee Post Office
Kewaunee Post Office
October 24, 2000
119 Ellis St.
44°27′30″N 87°30′03″W / 44.458333°N 87.500833°W / 44.458333; -87.500833 (Kewaunee Post Office)
Kewaunee Contains a mural "Winter Sports" painted by Paul Faulkner in 1940, funded as part of the New Deal.[11]
March 28, 2002
Harbor Park, Kilbourn St.
44°27′36″N 87°30′06″W / 44.46°N 87.501667°W / 44.46; -87.501667 (MAJOR WILBUR FR. BROWDER (tugboat))
Kewaunee Tugboat built in 1943 which towed ammunition barges across the English Channel in the Battle of Normandy. Later used by Army Corps of Engineers in the Great Lakes. Now a museum.[12][13]
9 Marquette Historic District
Marquette Historic District
November 4, 1993
Roughly bounded by Lake Michigan and Center, Juneau and Lincoln Sts.
44°27′11″N 87°30′13″W / 44.453056°N 87.503611°W / 44.453056; -87.503611 (Marquette Historic District)
Kewaunee 43 homes in various architectural styles popular from the 1880s to 1930s.[14]
10 Melvin W. and Mary Perry House
Melvin W. and Mary Perry House
January 23, 2008
519 3rd St.
44°36′29″N 87°26′15″W / 44.608056°N 87.4375°W / 44.608056; -87.4375 (Melvin W. and Mary Perry House)
Algoma Perry started the Ahnapee Veneer and Seating Company in 1892, and helped lead Algoma Net and Algoma Foundry. He was also a civic leader (including State Senator) and philanthropist. His 1909 house is a mix of Classical Revival and Shingle styles.[15]
11 Pilgrim Family Farmstead
Pilgrim Family Farmstead
May 8, 1979
SW of Kewanee on Church Rd.
44°25′14″N 87°38′01″W / 44.420556°N 87.633611°W / 44.420556; -87.633611 (Pilgrim Family Farmstead)
Kewaunee Brick farmhouse and wooden windmill mounted on barn. Built 1907.[16]
12 St. Lawrence Catholic Church
St. Lawrence Catholic Church
February 21, 1989
Jct. of WI 163 and County Hwy. J
44°23′58″N 87°41′05″W / 44.399444°N 87.684722°W / 44.399444; -87.684722 (St. Lawrence Catholic Church)
Stangelville Victorian Gothic church with 150 foot steeple, built by Bohemian immigrants from 1892 to 1894. The preceding church building stood where workers were amazingly spared from a falling tree.[17]

Former listings[edit]

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listedDate removed Location City or town Summary
1 Massart Farmstead
Massart Farmstead
November 19, 1980
December 30, 1984 N of Casco on SR C
Casco Relocated to Heritage Hill State Historical Park in Green Bay in 1984.

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