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Location of Lake County in Oregon

This list presents the full set of buildings, structures, objects, sites, or districts designated on the National Register of Historic Places in Lake County, Oregon, and offers brief descriptive information about each of them. The National Register recognizes places of national, state, or local historic significance across the United States.[1] Out of over 90,000 National Register sites nationwide,[2] Oregon is home to over 2,000,[3] and 18 of those are found in Lake County.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted July 13, 2018.[4]

Current listings[edit]

[5] Name on the Register Image Date listed[6] Location City or town Description
1 Abert Lake Petroglyphs
Abert Lake Petroglyphs
November 20, 1974
Address restricted[7]
Lakeview vicinity Peoples of the Great Basin cultural tradition pecked these petroglyphs onto two basaltic boulders near major game migration routes, in connection with rituals related to hunting activities. They were made within the last 10,000 years, but cannot be dated more precisely.[8]
2 Bailey and Massingill General Store
Bailey and Massingill General Store
October 25, 1984
4 N. E St.
42°11′23″N 120°20′41″W / 42.189645°N 120.344621°W / 42.189645; -120.344621 (Bailey and Massingill General Store)
Lakeview Lakeview's first commercial establishment opened on this site in 1876, and was destroyed by fire in 1900. The owners immediately rebuilt their business, incorporating a unique set of fire preventive features into the new building, including metal-sheathed walls and a fire awning.[9]
3 Cabin Lake Guard Station
Cabin Lake Guard Station
April 11, 1986
Deschutes National Forest
43°29′27″N 121°03′22″W / 43.490833°N 121.056111°W / 43.490833; -121.056111 (Cabin Lake Guard Station)
4 East Lake Abert Archeological District
East Lake Abert Archeological District
November 29, 1978
Address restricted[7]
Valley Falls vicinity
5 Ed Eskelin Ranch Complex
Ed Eskelin Ranch Complex
February 25, 1991
County Road 5-10
43°15′02″N 120°54′42″W / 43.250422°N 120.911721°W / 43.250422; -120.911721 (Ed Eskelin Ranch Complex)
Silver Lake vicinity Built in the 1930s with both new construction and salvaged materials and buildings, this ranch compound reflects the perseverance of small-scale stock farmers through two phases of settlement in the Fort Rock Basin: failed attempts at dryland farming around 1910, then more successful irrigated ventures in the 1930s.[10]
6 Fort Rock Cave
Fort Rock Cave
October 15, 1966
Address restricted[7]
Fort Rock vicinity This cave yielded to archeologists the "Fort Rock sandals", the oldest manufactured articles found in the Americas, which demonstrated the early development of weaving among Native Americans. Occupation of the site has been dated to 11,000 BCE.[11]
7 Greaser Petroglyph Site
Greaser Petroglyph Site
November 20, 1974
Address restricted[7]
Adel vicinity
8 Heryford Brothers Building
Heryford Brothers Building
April 30, 1980
524 Center St.
42°11′23″N 120°20′44″W / 42.189693°N 120.345629°W / 42.189693; -120.345629 (Heryford Brothers Building)
9 William P. Heryford House
William P. Heryford House
May 22, 1980
108 S. F St.
42°11′18″N 120°20′47″W / 42.188466°N 120.346294°W / 42.188466; -120.346294 (William P. Heryford House)
10 Lake County Round Sale Barn
Lake County Round Sale Barn
November 21, 2003
3531 N. 6th St.
42°11′43″N 120°21′40″W / 42.195342°N 120.361078°W / 42.195342; -120.361078 (Lake County Round Sale Barn)
11 Mitchell Recreation Area
Mitchell Recreation Area
February 20, 2003
Forest Service Rd. 34, Fremont National Forest
42°25′52″N 120°51′27″W / 42.431111°N 120.8575°W / 42.431111; -120.8575 (Mitchell Recreation Area)
Bly It is the only location in the continental U.S. where Americans were killed during World War II as a direct result of enemy action.
12 Nevada–California–Oregon Railway Passenger Station
Nevada–California–Oregon Railway Passenger Station
August 22, 1983
1400 Center St.
42°11′22″N 120°21′21″W / 42.189430°N 120.355932°W / 42.189430; -120.355932 (Nevada–California–Oregon Railway Passenger Station)
13 Paisley Five Mile Point Caves
Paisley Five Mile Point Caves
September 24, 2014
Address restricted[7]
Paisley vicinity
14 Picture Rock Pass Petroglyphs Site
Picture Rock Pass Petroglyphs Site
August 28, 1975
Address restricted[7]
Silver Lake vicinity
15 Post and King Saloon
Post and King Saloon
March 17, 1977
N. 2nd and E Sts.
42°11′27″N 120°20′43″W / 42.190738°N 120.345165°W / 42.190738; -120.345165 (Post and King Saloon)
16 David L. Shirk Ranch
David L. Shirk Ranch
November 4, 2009
Guano Valley
42°14′19″N 119°31′12″W / 42.2385°N 119.51994°W / 42.2385; -119.51994 (David L. Shirk Ranch)
Adel vicinity
17 Stone Bridge and the Oregon Central Military Wagon Road
Stone Bridge and the Oregon Central Military Wagon Road
November 8, 1974
The Narrows S of Plush
42°21′05″N 119°50′26″W / 42.351389°N 119.840556°W / 42.351389; -119.840556 (Stone Bridge and the Oregon Central Military Wagon Road)
Plush vicinity
18 John N. and Cornelia Watson House
John N. and Cornelia Watson House
February 21, 1989
5 N. H St.
42°11′23″N 120°20′55″W / 42.189673°N 120.348571°W / 42.189673; -120.348571 (John N. and Cornelia Watson House)

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