National Register of Historic Places listings in Nobles County, Minnesota

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Location of Nobles County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Nobles County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Nobles County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 11 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted May 19, 2017.[1]

Current listings[edit]

[2] Name on the Register Image Date listed[3] Location City or town Description
1 Adrian State Bank Upload image
May 15, 1980
Main Street and Second Avenue
43°38′07″N 95°56′00″W / 43.635217°N 95.933395°W / 43.635217; -95.933395 (Adrian State Bank)
Adrian 1891 brick Queen Anne bank.[4] Demolished in the early 2000s due to structural concerns.[citation needed]
2 Church of St. Adrian-Catholic
Church of St. Adrian-Catholic
May 15, 1980
Main and Church Streets
43°37′51″N 95°55′58″W / 43.63097°N 95.932682°W / 43.63097; -95.932682 (Church of St. Adrian-Catholic)
Adrian 1900 brick Romanesque Revival church.[5]
3 Church of St. Kilian (Catholic)
Church of St. Kilian (Catholic)
March 30, 1998
Approximately 3 mi (4.8 km) northwest of Wilmont
43°47′23″N 95°52′10″W / 43.78983°N 95.869556°W / 43.78983; -95.869556 (Church of St. Kilian (Catholic))
St. Kilian 1900 frame Gothic Revival church of a German immigrant congregation.[5]
4 Citizens' National Bank
Citizens' National Bank
March 18, 1982
326 10th Street
43°37′13″N 95°35′49″W / 43.620345°N 95.597033°W / 43.620345; -95.597033 (Citizens' National Bank)
Worthington 1901 brick and stone Romanesque Revival bank.[5]
5 George D. Dayton House
George D. Dayton House
December 23, 2003
1311 4th Avenue
43°37′23″N 95°35′38″W / 43.623103°N 95.593806°W / 43.623103; -95.593806 (George D. Dayton House)
Worthington 1890 Colonial/Georgian Revival home of businessman George Dayton, designed by Wallace L. Dow. Now a bed and breakfast and rental facility.[6]
6 Hotel Thompson
Hotel Thompson
February 16, 1984
300-310 10th Street
43°37′12″N 95°35′47″W / 43.619895°N 95.596461°W / 43.619895; -95.596461 (Hotel Thompson)
Worthington 1911 brick Georgian Revival hotel.[5]
7 Dr. E.A. Kilbride Clinic
Dr. E.A. Kilbride Clinic
November 23, 1977
701 11th Street
43°37′24″N 95°35′58″W / 43.62339°N 95.599363°W / 43.62339; -95.599363 (Dr. E.A. Kilbride Clinic)
Worthington 1927 frame clinic/hospital.[5]
8 Siemer Silo and Barn
Siemer Silo and Barn
May 15, 1980
County Highway 19
43°34′41″N 96°00′45″W / 43.578077°N 96.012432°W / 43.578077; -96.012432 (Siemer Silo and Barn)
Ellsworth Well-preserved traditional 1918 barn and a silo built in 1936 using wood-hoop construction more typical of the 19th century.[7] As of October 2012 the silo was no longer on site.
9 Sioux City and St. Paul Railroad Section House Upload image
May 15, 1980
Spencer and First Streets
43°50′45″N 95°28′04″W / 43.845961°N 95.467914°W / 43.845961; -95.467914 (Sioux City and St. Paul Railroad Section House)
Dundee 1879 clapboard housing for railroad employees; first residence built in Dundee.[5]
10 Slade Hotel
Slade Hotel
June 30, 1975
Second and Main Streets
43°38′07″N 95°55′58″W / 43.635198°N 95.932735°W / 43.635198; -95.932735 (Slade Hotel)
Adrian 1891 brick Queen Anne hotel.[5]
11 Worthington Band Shell
Worthington Band Shell
July 21, 2015
418 Lake Avenue
43°37′13″N 95°36′24″W / 43.620167°N 95.60675°W / 43.620167; -95.60675 (Worthington Band Shell)
Worthington Minnesota's only known band shell constructed by the National Youth Administration, built in 1941.[8]

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