National Register of Historic Places listings in Otter Tail County, Minnesota

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Location of Otter Tail County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Otter Tail County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Otter Tail County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.[1]

There are 24 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. A supplementary list includes two additional sites that were formerly on the National Register.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted May 19, 2017.[2]

Current listings[edit]

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Barnard Mortuary
Barnard Mortuary
August 13, 1986
119 N. Union Ave.
46°17′03″N 96°04′41″W / 46.284126°N 96.078154°W / 46.284126; -96.078154 (Barnard Mortuary)
Fergus Falls 1930 Mission Revival funeral home.[5]
2 O.A.E. Blyberg House
O.A.E. Blyberg House
February 16, 1984
22 5th Ave., SW
46°33′51″N 96°05′05″W / 46.564268°N 96.084698°W / 46.564268; -96.084698 (O.A.E. Blyberg House)
Pelican Rapids 1884 brick Italianate house.[5]
3 C.C. Clement House
C.C. Clement House
August 13, 1986
608 N. Burlington Ave.
46°17′20″N 96°03′48″W / 46.288856°N 96.063198°W / 46.288856; -96.063198 (C.C. Clement House)
Fergus Falls 1882 frame Stick-Eastlake house designed by Charles N. Daniels.[5]
4 Craigie Flour Mill Historical Marker
Craigie Flour Mill Historical Marker
January 16, 2003
Minnesota Highway 78 at Balmoral Creek
46°22′26″N 95°39′05″W / 46.373883°N 95.651345°W / 46.373883; -95.651345 (Craigie Flour Mill Historical Marker)
Otter Tail Township 1940 Rustic Style wayside built by the National Youth Administration, commemorating the site of an 1870 gristmill.[6]
5 District No. 182 School
District No. 182 School
August 9, 1991
Off County Highway 35
46°22′07″N 95°51′47″W / 46.368675°N 95.863078°W / 46.368675; -95.863078 (District No. 182 School)
Underwood vicinity 1940 split-stone Moderne school built by the Works Progress Administration.[5]
6 Elizabeth Village Hall and Jail
Elizabeth Village Hall and Jail
February 16, 1984
Broadway Ave.
46°22′47″N 96°07′52″W / 46.379645°N 96.131208°W / 46.379645; -96.131208 (Elizabeth Village Hall and Jail)
Elizabeth 1898 brick municipal building.[5]
7 Fergus Falls City Hall
Fergus Falls City Hall
May 10, 1984
112 W. Washington Ave.
46°16′54″N 96°04′30″W / 46.281686°N 96.075085°W / 46.281686; -96.075085 (Fergus Falls City Hall)
Fergus Falls 1928 Georgian Revival municipal building patterned after Independence Hall.[5]
8 Fergus Falls State Hospital Complex
Fergus Falls State Hospital Complex
June 26, 1986
Minnesota Highway 297; also 1400 Union Ave., N. and bounded by Fir Ave. and Park St.
46°17′58″N 96°04′54″W / 46.299575°N 96.081587°W / 46.299575; -96.081587 (Fergus Falls State Hospital Complex)
Fergus Falls 1888–1907 hospital complex, the only remaining state institution built on the Kirkbride Plan.[7] Second set of addresses represents a boundary increase, approved November 3, 2016.
9 Fort Juelson
Fort Juelson
October 16, 2013
Address Restricted
46°16′21″N 95°49′50″W / 46.272436°N 95.830446°W / 46.272436; -95.830446 (Fort Juelson)
Tordenskjold vicinity Hilltop site of a Woodland period burial mound group and an 1876 sod fort built by white settlers during widespread fear of attack after the Sioux victory at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.[8] Now a county park.[9]
10 Hotel Kaddatz
Hotel Kaddatz
February 24, 1983
111-113 W. Lincoln Ave.
46°17′00″N 96°04′30″W / 46.283325°N 96.074882°W / 46.283325; -96.074882 (Hotel Kaddatz)
Fergus Falls 1915 Renaissance Revival hotel designed by George Hancock.[5]
11 Maplewood Site
Maplewood Site
December 18, 1978
Address Restricted
Pelican Rapids vicinity Habitation site occupied 650–900 and 1450–1650.[5]
12 John W. Mason House
John W. Mason House
August 13, 1986
205 W. Vernon Ave.
46°16′41″N 96°04′35″W / 46.278016°N 96.076282°W / 46.278016; -96.076282 (John W. Mason House)
Fergus Falls c. 1881 frame Italianate house of Fergus Falls' first mayor.[5]
13 Morrison Mounds
Morrison Mounds
June 4, 1973
Address Restricted
Battle Lake vicinity c. 500–200 BCE mound group.[5]
14 Orwell Site
Orwell Site
December 4, 1974
Address Restricted
Fergus Falls vicinity 12 Middle or Late Woodland period mounds, four enclosed by an earthwork.[10]
15 Otter Tail County Courthouse
Otter Tail County Courthouse
May 10, 1984
121 W. Junius Ave.
46°16′48″N 96°04′30″W / 46.279921°N 96.07501°W / 46.279921; -96.07501 (Otter Tail County Courthouse)
Fergus Falls 1922 Beaux-Arts courthouse of brick and limestone, designed by Buechner & Orth.[5]
16 Park Region Luther College
Park Region Luther College
November 8, 1984
715 W. Vernon Ave.
46°16′41″N 96°05′09″W / 46.277945°N 96.08597°W / 46.277945; -96.08597 (Park Region Luther College)
Fergus Falls 1901 Romanesque campus building of brick and sandstone, designed by Omeyer & Thori.[5] Now houses Hillcrest Lutheran Academy.
17 People's Union Church
People's Union Church
August 11, 2004
48566 205th Ave.
46°40′00″N 96°04′03″W / 46.666804°N 96.067398°W / 46.666804; -96.067398 (People's Union Church)
Scambler Township 1915 non-denominational church established and run by women.[5]
18 Perham Village Hall and Fire Station
Perham Village Hall and Fire Station
July 31, 1986
153 E. Main
46°35′38″N 95°34′18″W / 46.593841°N 95.571705°W / 46.593841; -95.571705 (Perham Village Hall and Fire Station)
Perham 1906 brick municipal building designed by Fremont D. Orff.[5]
19 Phelps Mill
Phelps Mill
February 24, 1975
County Highway 45
46°22′49″N 95°49′16″W / 46.380411°N 95.821102°W / 46.380411; -95.821102 (Phelps Mill)
Underwood vicinity 1889 water-powered gristmill, expanded to process additional grains.[11] Also a contributing property to the Phelps Mill Historic District.[12]
20 Phelps Mill Historic District
Phelps Mill Historic District
May 10, 1984
County Highway 45
46°22′49″N 95°49′15″W / 46.380196°N 95.820715°W / 46.380196; -95.820715 (Phelps Mill Historic District)
Underwood vicinity Agricultural center comprising the 1889 Phelps Mill, an 1891 general store, and a 1902 frame Italianate miller's house.[5] Now a county park.[13]
21 Prospect House
Prospect House
May 28, 2013
403 Lake Avenue N.
46°17′08″N 95°42′53″W / 46.285676°N 95.714713°W / 46.285676; -95.714713 (Prospect House)
Battle Lake Exemplary Georgian Revival house stemming from a 1929 conversion of an 1887 inn, reflecting the era's interest in authentic early American architecture.[14] Now a museum.[15]
22 River Inn
River Inn
December 20, 1988
133 Mill St., S.
46°16′57″N 96°04′26″W / 46.282491°N 96.07375°W / 46.282491; -96.07375 (River Inn)
Fergus Falls 1929 Georgian/Gothic hotel built to serve the federal courthouse opposite.[5]
23 United States Post Office and Courthouse
United States Post Office and Courthouse
October 24, 2012
118 S. Mill St.
46°16′58″N 96°04′28″W / 46.28268°N 96.074404°W / 46.28268; -96.074404 (United States Post Office and Courthouse)
Fergus Falls
24 C.J. Wright House
C.J. Wright House
November 30, 1978
831 Mount Faith Ave., E.
46°17′17″N 96°03′42″W / 46.288103°N 96.061782°W / 46.288103; -96.061782 (C.J. Wright House)
Fergus Falls 1882 frame Stick style house.[5]

Former listings[edit]

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Henry G. Page House Upload image
March 3, 1975
November 13, 1987
219 N. Whitford St.
Fergus Falls 1870 Italianate house.[16] Moved in 1977.[5]
2 E. J. Webber House Upload image
August 13, 1986
May 22, 1992
506 W. Lincoln Ave.
Fergus Falls 1896 Queen Anne house designed by Omeyer & Thori.[17] Moved in 1991.[5]

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