National Register of Historic Places listings in Shelter Island (town), New York

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This is a List of the National Register of Historic Places listings on Shelter, New York

This list is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places in the Town of Shelter Island, New York. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a Google map.[1]


[2] Name on the Register Image Date listed[3] Location City or town Description
1 Camp Quinipet
Camp Quinipet
October 5, 2005
78 Shore Road
41°04′15″N 72°22′56″W / 41.070833°N 72.382222°W / 41.070833; -72.382222 (Camp Quinipet)
Shelter Island Heights
2 James Havens Homestead
James Havens Homestead
April 10, 1986
NY 114
41°03′49″N 72°19′53″W / 41.063611°N 72.331389°W / 41.063611; -72.331389 (James Havens Homestead)
Shelter Island
3 Manhanset Chapel
Manhanset Chapel
August 29, 1997
24 North Ferry Road
41°04′05″N 72°20′10″W / 41.068056°N 72.336111°W / 41.068056; -72.336111 (Manhanset Chapel)
Shelter Island
4 Shelter Island Country Club Upload image
February 25, 2009
26 Sunnyside Avenue
41°04′39″N 72°21′33″W / 41.077508°N 72.359167°W / 41.077508; -72.359167 (Shelter Island Country Club)
Shelter Island
5 Shelter Island Heights Historic District
Shelter Island Heights Historic District
May 7, 1993
Roughly bounded by St. Johns Street, Tower Hill Road, Sunnyside Avenue, Meadow Place, Chase Creek, and Dering Harbor
41°05′04″N 72°21′26″W / 41.084444°N 72.357222°W / 41.084444; -72.357222 (Shelter Island Heights Historic District)
Shelter Island Heights
6 Shelter Island Windmill
Shelter Island Windmill
December 27, 1978
N of Manwaring Road
41°04′33″N 72°20′08″W / 41.075833°N 72.335556°W / 41.075833; -72.335556 (Shelter Island Windmill)
Shelter Island
7 Smith-Taylor Cabin
Smith-Taylor Cabin
September 28, 2007
Taylor's Island
41°04′17″N 72°17′55″W / 41.071389°N 72.298611°W / 41.071389; -72.298611 (Smith-Taylor Cabin)
Shelter Island On Taylor Island
8 Sylvester Manor
Sylvester Manor
April 28, 2015
80 N. Ferry Rd.
41°04′49″N 72°20′28″W / 41.0804°N 72.3411°W / 41.0804; -72.3411 (Sylvester Manor)
Shelter Island 1652 plantation homestead now used as educational farm
9 Union Chapel
Union Chapel
November 23, 1984
The Grove
41°05′02″N 72°21′32″W / 41.083889°N 72.358889°W / 41.083889; -72.358889 (Union Chapel)
Shelter Island Heights

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided is primarily from the National Register Information System, and has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. For 1%, the location info may be way off. We seek to correct the coordinate information wherever it is found to be erroneous. Please leave a note in the Discussion page for this article if you believe any specific location is incorrect.
  2. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
  3. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.

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