National Research Institute of Police Science

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An attached National Police Agency in Japan.

  • Research and Development
  • Identification and Analysis
  • Training



  • President (Technical officer)
  • Vice President (Technical officer)
  • General Affairs - General Affairs Section, Accounting Section
  • First Forensic Science - First Biology Section, Second Biology Section, Third Biology Section, Fourth Biology Section, Fifth Biology Section
  • Second Forensic Science - Physics Section, Fire Investigation Section, Explosion Investigation Section, Mechanical Investigation Section
  • Third Forensic Science - First Chemistry Section, Second Chemistry Section, Third chemistry Section, Fourth chemistry Section
  • Fourth Forensic Science - First Information Science Section, Second Information Section, Third Information Section
  • Criminology and Behavioral Science - Juvenile Section, Crime prevention Section, Investigation Support Section
  • Traffic Science - First Traffic Science Section, Second Traffic Science Section, Third Traffic Science Section
  • Research Coordinator
  • Identification Center
  • Training Center of Forensic Science

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Coordinates: 35°53′46.9″N 139°56′37.8″E / 35.896361°N 139.943833°E / 35.896361; 139.943833