National Road 2 (Albania)

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State road SH2

Albanian State Road SH2 (Rruga Shteterore 2) is a dual carriageway in Albania linking the port city of Durrës with the metropolis and the capital of Albania, Tirana.[1] SH2 was the first highway to be reconstructed in Albania following the end of communism in 1991.


SH2 Road in Albania

SH2 begins at the Port of Durrës in Durrës, Albania at the Dajlani Overpass (Ura e Dajlanit), bypasses Shijak, intersects with SH52 in Vora, bypasses the road to Tirana International Airport, and ends at the Kamza Overpass (Mbikalimi i Kamzës) in the outskirts of Tirana where it meets SH1 State Road heading to northern Albania. Once entering Tirana, the highway becomes the street named Rruga 29 Nëntori.